Cookie Decorating Contest Finalists!

There were so many incredible entries for the spring cookie decorating contest. After receiving over 170 photos, we were able to narrow it down to 15 finalists.
Here they are! You can click on the images to enlarge the photos. The links below each photo will take you to the artist’s website, blog or Facebook page.

                 Valentina – Blog, FB        Rebecca W – Facebook    Fernanda – Facebook


          Melissa – Website, FB      MaryKate – Facebook       Jaci –  Facebook


              Anna and Marina – Web    Evelin – Blog, FB           Dawn – Facebook


              Dan – Facebook               Carrie – Blog, FB              Elham


                   Belle – Facebook               Anna G – Facebook        Heidi – Facebook


Come back tomorrow to see who wins the grand prize!

Honorable Mention:

                   Alessandra – Blog, FB       Anna – Blog, FB                  Belén – Website, FB


                 Betsy – Blog                      Elham                              Erica – Facebook


         Ellen                                 Ester – Facebook              Gaby – Facebook


                   Meriem – Facebook           Moisés – Website, FB      Moisés – Website, FB


              Nyree – Blog                      Patricia – Flickr               Richard – Blog, FB


                    Shanaray – Facebook       Yuka                              Tailor – Flickr


                   Victoria – Facebook           Yoko – Blog, FB                Veronica – Facebook


              Gasparetti – FB, Blog        Kathy T                           Amy – Facebook 


                    Lexie –  Blog, FB             Czerina – Facebook          Courtney


                                                                                             Natasha – Facebook


13 thoughts on “Cookie Decorating Contest Finalists!

  1. I love Melissa joy. Her cookies are as delicious, as they are mini works of art. Good luck to all of the finalists. I would have a hard time choosing.

  2. OMG! Those heart lace cookies are fabulous! I tried your wet-on-wet method on a teacup, and two saucer cookies a couple of weeks ago for a tea party cake for a 90-year-old lady. I even did the lace pattern and filling in the squares for the tablecloth. Didn’t achieve your perfection for the flowers, but they came out pretty good. Not good enough to enter the contest though. Thanks for the tutorial!

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