Marbled Turkey Cookies – Go Bold With Butter!

Let’s talk turkey… when it comes to getting the perfect base for cookies, there’s no substitute for using real butter. Now excuse me while I go gobble-gobble these up! Want to make your own? Scroll down for instructions and supplies.


Sugar Cookie Recipe:

Royal Icing Recipe:

  • Flower cookie cutter for the turkey feathers

  • Paring knife to cut the body of the turkey

  • 15-second count royal icing in gray, teal, red, beige, golden yellow, white, brown, light red (test the consistency by taking a spoonful of icing out of the bowl and dropping it back in. It should take about 15 seconds for the icing to be completely smooth)

  • 12” decorating bags

  • Decorating tip number 1

  • Scriber needle or toothpick


  • Cut the cookies from a chilled sheet of sugar cookie dough using the flower cookie cutter for the feathers. Use a paring knife to trim the bottom of the cookie to shape the lower portion of the body and feet.
  • Bake and cool the cookies according to the recipe instructions.
  • Ice the feathers, one at a time, with a base color of your choice and use the scriber needle or toothpick to help shape the icing. Immediately pipe lines of 3 alternating colors. Drag the scriber needle or toothpick down through the middle of the feather, then drag in the opposite direction on the sides of the feather. Repeat the process for the rest of the feathers. Allow the icing to dry about 1 hour.
  • Pipe the body of the turkey with brown icing. Use the scriber needle or toothpick to help shape the icing.
  • Pipe the head with gray icing and use the scriber needle or toothpick to help shape the icing. Allow the icing to dry about 1 hour.
  • Pipe a beak and feet with golden yellow icing and use the scriber needle or toothpick to help shape the icing.
  • Add eyes with brown icing.
  • Pipe wings with light red icing and immediately pipe lines of beige icing. Drag the scriber needle through the icing using the same technique as used for the feathers.
  • Pipe the turkey’s snood with red icing.

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Galaxy Cake – Olive’s First Birthday!

We celebrated our daughter Olive’s first birthday last weekend, and I decided to go all out for her cake! The theme of the party was galaxy, which, aside from the galaxy star cookie topper, really just involved hanging some shiny stars from the ceiling 🙂 I haven’t made a tiered cake in almost 10 years, so this was definitely a challenge, but I’m very happy with how it turned out!

Here’s what I used to make the cake:


Vintage Ornament Cookies with Sprinkle Pop’s Holiday Collection!

If you leave extra special cookies for Santa do you get extra special presents? 😉 Thanks to Sprinkle Pop’s 2017 Holiday Collection, these ornament cookies will definitely impress the man in the red suit. Follow the link to learn all about their custom sprinkle mixes and subscribe to their newsletter for 10% off your order!

Here’s what you’ll need to make these vintage ornament cookies:

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Cookie Decorating Demo in Brooklyn, NY

The Feed Feed will be live-streaming my cookie decorating demo from the Food Loves Tech expo this Saturday, November 4th at 1:30pm Eastern Time. Follow The Feed Feed on Instagram so you don’t miss it! If you’re in the New York area and would like to come to the expo, you can use code FEEDFEEDFLT for discounted tickets:

I’ll be bringing cookies to share, so get there early! 🙂

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