Royal Baby Shower Cookies

Cookies fit for a prince (or princess)! To make these royal baby shower cookies, I modified the design from my baby bassinet cookies and added a gold crown.
For products used in this and other tutorials, visit my recommended products page.Royal-Baby-13The blue color shown here is Wilton delphinium blue from the garden tone set. For the skin tone, I used brown with a little touch of pink. I used a medium shade of brown for the gold decorations, which I then painted with gold pearl dust (more on that below).
Start out by icing a round cookie with flood consistency royal icing and a tip 3. This cookie measures 3″ in diameter and was made using my Orange Vanilla Spice recipe, which is available in my tutorial shop.
Allow the icing to dry 8-12 hours. Then, as shown in the baby bassinet cookie tutorial, pipe little feet using a tip 1 with flood consistency icing. Then, pipe two layers of ruffles using a petal tip 104 and stiff consistency icing.
Using a scribe tool, draw an arched line to mark the bottom of the crown.
Making the crown is a little tricky because you have to move fast. Pipe over the line using medium brown flood consistency icing and a tip 1.
Immediately pipe the rest of the crown. You can use the scribe tool to draw out the whole thing first if it makes you more comfortable. Or, you can try using the tissue paper method.
To make varying thicknesses in the lines, just put more or less pressure on your bag while piping. To make lines that are very thin, you’ll barely need to squeeze the bag at all.
Royal-Baby-4 Royal-Baby-5
Royal-Baby-6 Royal-Baby-7
Use your scribe tool to help shape the crown.
Allow that to dry for about an hour, and then use the scribe tool to mark where the canopy will be. Draw the line so that it overlaps the edges of the crown on both sides. Make the canopy using the brush embroidery method, as shown in the baby bassinet tutorial.
Royal-Baby-9 Royal-Baby-10
Paint the crown using a mixture of gold pearl dust and a few drops of alcohol or vanilla extract. Read this post for more information on painting with gold.
You can also add a bead border with a tip 2 and stiff consistency icing. There is a video tutorial with full instructions on how to pipe a bead border available in my tutorial shop.
Royal-Baby-11 Royal-Baby-12
This square cookie was decorated using the tufting technique. I was inspired to incorporate this design into this set after seeing all the pretty cookies that Sugarbelle has been making with this technique lately. Its soft and puffy appearance makes it perfect for baby cookies.
After piping the tufted icing, allow it to dry for 8-12 hours before adding more decorations. Make sure to allow the rest of your designs on all of the cookies (ruffles, feet, beads, crowns) dry for another 4-6 hours before packaging.
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  1. Love these – and all of your cookies! True art. Ordered the eleven video package this weekend and have already watched them all twice, and recommended them to all my baker friends (we are amateurs only). Can’t wait for you to start your classes in NY – will definitely be making the trip up from NC for one!

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