Tufted Cookie

This Easter egg cookie was made using the tufting technique. There’s a new video in my shop on how to create this look.
Photo by super9Films
This new video tutorial in my shop will show you the proper royal icing consistency for tufting as well as tips on how to best execute the technique. The color shown here is delphinium blue from the Wilton garden tone set, but you can create this color on your own by mixing royal blue with a touch of black.
Once the icing is completely dry (about 8-12 hours of drying time) you can add the rest of the details to the cookie.
Using a soft round brush such as the one from the Wilton 3 piece Decorator Brush Set, lightly cover the entire surface of the cookie with white pearl dust.
Then, using an angled brush, apply bronze pearl dust to the cookie in the crevices between each section. Make sure to remove the excess dust on a dry paper towel before applying it to the cookie.
Then, using round tip 2, drop small pearls of icing in the corners of each section.
Allow the icing pearls to dry for about 30 minutes before handling the cookie.


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