Woodland Cookies – Wood Grain Icing How-To

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create the look of wood grain using royal icing.
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I started with a 4×3″ cookie. This one is made using my orange vanilla spice cookie recipe, which is available here in my tutorial shop.
The cookie shown in this video is only 4×2, which will be used for another tutorial.
These are the colors I used to make the wood grain. I started with brown and added a touch of green to neutralize it. Both the base icing and the wood grain are piped using flood consistency royal icing. It should take between 14-16 seconds for the icing to smooth itself out. For a video with full instructions on flood consistency royal icing, visit my tutorial shop.

wood grain

Once the icing is completely dry, use stiff consistency icing and a tip 2 to pipe vines. Stiff icing is the consistency that I refer to when the icing comes off of the mixer. You can learn more about this in the videos, How To Make Royal Icing and Cookie Decorating Basics, which are both available in my tutorial shop.
I used brown icing because the vines will be painted with gold luster dust. Using brown as a base helps the gold stand out and you don’t have to worry if you miss a spot when painting. 

wood grain

Let that dry for about an hour, then paint the vines gold using a mixture of gold pearl dust  and a few drops of alcohol or flavored extract. I prefer to use Bacardi 151 for this method.

Wood grain icing

Then, using stiff icing and a  #352 leaf tip, add leaves to the vines. The color shown here is Wilton juniper green. This color comes in the garden tone set. Hold your tip slightly above the surface of the cookie and squeeze the bag to let the icing build out around the tip. Release your pressure on the bag as you pull it away from the leaf. There is a video with full instructions on piping leaves in the video, Roses and Leaves, which is available in my shop.
wood grain icing wood grain icing
Allow the icing to dry for about 4 more hours before handling the cookie.
wood grain icing
wood grain icing
Come back soon for the Father’s Day cookie tutorial using this wood grain method!
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  2. So pretty and creative, Amber! I truly love your filigree design. You can use it in so many designs. I love how you incorporated it as vines. Looking forward to all your new ideas.

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