Celebrate Life (With Shabby Chic Inspired Cookies)!

I recently had the privilege of spending some quality time with fellow cookier Anita from Sweet Hope Cookies during CookieCon. I’ve only known her a short time through Facebook, but I was not surprised to find out that she is as hysterically funny and kindhearted in person as she is online
When Anita lost her brother to ALS in 2011, she began utilizing her baking and artistic talents to raise money for the ALS Association. You can read more about Anita’s story on her blog. Today marks the 3rd anniversary of her brother’s passing and so Georganne of LilaLoa has organized a collaborative project among the cookie community. In honor of Sweet Hope Cookies‘ mission, we’ve each created set of cookies that honors someone in our lives that we love. 
Celebrate-Life-resizedI designed these quilted shabby chic cookies with my mom in mind. My mom and my dad‘s support and encouragement are the reason that I’ve been able to pursue this career in cookies. My cookie art has been greatly influenced by shabby chic fabrics and furniture and my mom is the one who introduced me to it (back in the 80s before shabby was chic). She has a great sense of style and I always ask her opinion when it comes to decorating (both in cookies and home furnishings) as well as when it comes to basically all other life matters. She’s also an artist, so I think it’s in my genes! You can see my mom Janet Spiegel’s art on her blog, Facebook, and Instagram or buy her prints online from Jewel Spiegel Gallery (that’s my grandma’s gallery). 
Shabby-Chic-CookiesHere’s what you’ll need to make your own shabby chic inspired cookies:
  • Light pink and dark pink = Wilton aster mauve from the garden tone set
  • Light green and dark green = Wilton Juniper green from the garden tone set
  • Blue = Wilton Delphinium blue from the garden tone set
  • Light brown = Sugarflair dark brown OR Wilton brown + a touch of juniper green from the garden tone set
  • Ivory = A touch of brown
Begin by drawing lines with the scribe tool to divide the cookie into sections. The sections shouldn’t be perfectly even. I divided the cookie in half, then divided each half into two uneven sections. Some cookies even have 5 sections. 
Flood one section with ivory flood consistency icing and a tip 3.Shabby-Chic-Cookies-a
Immediately pipe dots of light pink with flood consistency icing, then a little squiggle of dark pink with a tip 1 inside those dots.                     Shabby-Chic-Cookies-b Shabby-Chic-Cookies-c
Swirl the two colors together with the scribe tool to make a rose. Watch my video on making tiny roses using the wet on wet technique to see this process in action.Shabby-Chic-Cookies-d
Add dots of light green with little dots of dark green for the leaves.Shabby-Chic-Cookies-e Shabby-Chic-Cookies-f
Use the scribe tool to pull the green icing into a leaf shape.Shabby-Chic-Cookies-g
Allow the icing to dry 20-30 minutes. While you’re waiting, work on the first section on the rest of the cookies. By the time you get back to this one, it should be dry enough to move on to the next step.
Use the scribe tool to draw stripes.Shabby-Chic-Cookies-h
Fill in every other stripe with blue flood consistency icing and immediately fill in the remaining spaces with pink icing.                      Shabby-Chic-Cookies-i Shabby-Chic-Cookies-j
While the stripes are still wet, pipe a border between them using the dark green flood consistency icing and a tip 1. I used the same motion that I use when piping a bead border to give the green lines this scalloped look.Shabby-Chic-Cookies-k
Fill in another section with blue and leave it blank.Shabby-Chic-Cookies-l Shabby-Chic-Cookies-m
On the last section, I used the same technique as shown above to make a larger version of the wet-on-wet roses.                                    Shabby-Chic-Cookies-n Shabby-Chic-Cookies-o
Allow the icing to dry 8-12 hours.
I used the brush embroidery technique to create a ruffled fabric effect to cover the blue section. Pipe a zigzag line with stiff consistency icing and a tip 2. Then, use a damp square tip brush to drag the icing inward. You can see a video with full instructions on brush embroidery in my tutorial shop.Shabby-Chic-Cookies-s
Keep layering the icing until you reach the center of the cookie.Shabby-Chic-Cookies-t Shabby-Chic-Cookies-u
Use stiff consistency icing and a tip 1 to pipe stitches between each section.Shabby-Chic-Cookies-v
Add a bead border with stiff icing and a tip 2. You can download a video with full instructions on how to pipe a bead border from my tutorial shop.Shabby-Chic-Cookies-w
It was fun to try out lots of different color combinations and patterns for this set. My favorite quilt patch is the blue Cath Kidston-esque one with the big pink roses! Shabby-Chic-Cookies3
Thank you to Georganne of LilaLoa for organizing this collaborative cookie project!
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  2. It seems like both of our mom’s were ahead of their times. Our house was filled with “shabby chic” stuff in the late 80’s …thanks so much for sharing about them

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  4. This is something that I want to drop everything and try! I love this look! And that you for a marvelous step by step. You are so generous with your knowledge. I love your tribute to your mom, too. She must be very special!
    I hope you have a wonderful Easter!
    <3 T

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