Halloween Cookies!

This set of Halloween cookies uses a few different techniques, each with its own tutorial!
Visit the recommended products page for a list of my favorite decorating tools.Halloween CookiesThe spiders and the spiderweb are from last year’s Creepy Spider tutorial. Here’s the video on how to make the spiderweb using the wet-on-wet technique.
Read this post to see how to make the spiders using the royal icing transfer technique. I glazed the spiders this time with a little corn syrup to make them extra creepy!Halloween Cookies
Here’s the video tutorial on how to make those Jack Skellington jack o’lanterns. You can read the full post on these cookies here.
The brightly colored filigree is shown here in this video. It’s similar to my first filigree cookie, but you’ll notice that I added some variation by making certain areas of the design thicker. I think it adds a little more elegance.
You’ll need to use flood consistency icing to pipe the filigree design. It’s best to practice on a piece of paper first because, once you start piping, you’ll have to work pretty quickly. Once the icing begins to form a crust, it will be too late!
As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t own any orange food coloring. I used a mix of Americolor red and Wilton lemon yellow to make that bright orange. You can use Wilton violet to get that deep purple. The black and gray are made with Americolor black.
I added a bead border to the filigree cookies using gray stiff consistency icing and a tip 2. There is a video in my tutorial shop with full instructions on making a bead border.Halloween Cookies
I painted the bead border with a mixture of Wilton silver pearl dust and alcohol. Read this post for full instructions on painting with pearl dust.Halloween-Filigree2

Halloween Cookies

Happy Halloween!Halloween Cookies
Click on the images below for more cookie decorating tutorials    
Halloween2 Creepy-Cookies Spiders final

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