Spirograph Cookies!

A few weeks ago, I was shopping with my mom at a store called Bop To Tottom in Kingston.

The name of the store is pretty much the best way to describe it… it’s one of those stores that you’d go to if you’re looking for a unique gift. They have costume jewelry, clothes, hats, scarves, purses, makeup, soaps, candles, and the kind of toys that bring you back to your childhood.

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This store is where I was reunited with the Spirograph Set and knew immediately that I had to try it out on royal icing with edible ink markers. These Spirograph cookies are the result of my experiment.


The ultra fine point on the Rainbow Dust edible food pen works really well with the Spirograph.


Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

Border colors: Blue, Pink, Purple (The Wilton Color Right color system was used to create all of the icing colors in this set of cookies)

Watch the video to see how I used the Spirograph set to decorate these cookies:

Click on the images below for more cookie projects!

Rainbow-Leopard-Print-Cookies Galaxy-cookies3 makeup-cookies-resized

4 thoughts on “Spirograph Cookies!

  1. you are way tooooooo fantastic! I don’t have a spirograph. Yesterday i have been toying with other things that i have and wondered if i could do something similar to what you did in this video/tutorial. Sheesh! lol I feared I wouldn’t be able to control to make a design…
    Again, this is fantastic!

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