Ice Cream Cookies!

My friend Miki of Sugarcoder and I felt like making something really cute for a summertime collaboration! We decided on an ice cream theme and I couldn’t resist putting little faces and purple bows on my ice cream cookies. You can see her video on how to bake adorable ice cream cone macarons on her YouTube channelIce-Cream-Cookies1

Here’s what you’ll need to make these ice cream cookies. Most of these decorating products can be found online at Candyland Crafts.


Watch the video below to learn how to decorate these ice cream cone cookies!


Don’t forget to visit Sugarcoder’s YouTube channel to learn how to bake adorable ice cream cone macarons!

Click on the images below for more summer cookie projects:               Seashell-Cookies1 Beach-Cookie8 watermelon-cookies Banner-728x90-resized

This post contains affiliate links from Candyland Crafts and By purchasing decorating supplies using these links, you are helping me continue to post new content on my blog and YouTube channel. I appreciate your support!

15 thoughts on “Ice Cream Cookies!

  1. I recently did a set of ice cream cone cookies (for July 4th), but I so LOVE the way you did your cones here. They’re perfect — really captures the texture of those cones. Genius! & super cute tops as well.

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