How To Make Hyacinth Cookies

It’s time to welcome spring! As part of Haniela’s “Let’s Smell The Flowers” virtual cookie party, I’ve created this platter of hyacinth cookies. Hyacinth Cookies
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To make the flowers, I used a mini snowflake cutter. This one measures about 1-1/2″ across. For the leaves, I used the stargazer lily cutter from the Wilton gum paste set. It’s about 4″ by 1-1/2″.
You’ll need 48 flowers and 9 leaves to make 3 separate hyacinth plants for the platter, but make a few extra just in case. I used my Orange Vanilla Spice cookie recipe, which is available in my tutorial shop.
After cutting out the flowers, I pinched the edges to elongate and smooth the petals to make it more like a flower and less like a snowflake.
Here’s my color palette. The purples are made with Wilton’s violet plus a little bit of black. I used a light, medium and dark purple for this project. The greens are a combination of Wilton’s juniper green (from the garden tone set) and lemon yellow. You will need a medium green for the leaves and a light green for the flower centers.
Outline the flowers with flood consistency royal icing using the light purple and a tip 2.
Fill in the petals with the medium shade of purple icing using a tip 2, but leave a space in the center.
Fill in the center with the darkest shade of purple and a tip 2.
Immediately after piping all three colors, use a scribe tool to drag the icing from the center outward to the edge of the petals.
Drag the icing inward from in between each petal to the center.
Outline and fill in the leaf with flood consistency green icing and a tip 2. This is the darker of the two greens used in this project.
After the icing has dried overnight, Pipe the flower centers by making tiny little dots using stiff consistency light green icing and a tip 1.
Allow the icing to dry for another 30 minutes or so.
Arrange the flowers on a platter. The first layer contains 9 flowers. You can use a dab of icing under each cookie to keep them in place.
Add 4 more flowers for the second layer.
Place two flowers on top to complete the bunch.
Arrange three leaves over the flowers.
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1. Black Eye Susan by Lisa, The Bearfoot Baker
2. Carnation by Meaghan, The Decorated Cookie
3. Cherry Tree Flower by Pam, Cookie Crazie
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6. Dogwood by Marian, Sweetopia
7. Gerbera by Paula, Vanilla Bean Baker
8. Hyacinth by Amber, SweetAmbs
9. Hydrangea by Kim, The Partiologist
10. Iris by Cristin, Cristin’s Cookies
11. Lavender by Liz, Arty McGoo
12. Lily of The Valley by Hani, Haniela’s
13. Lotus by Marlyn, Montreal Confections
14. Morning Glory by Glory, Glorious Treats
15. Orchid by Ali, Ali Bee’s Bake Shop
16. Pansy Nicole, Life’s A Batch
17. Poppy by Callye, SweetSugarBelle
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19. Tulip by Lorriane, LorrainesCookies

14 thoughts on “How To Make Hyacinth Cookies

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    • If you stick the flowers together with a bit of icing on the back, they can be served together as one hyacinth. Or, you can just arrange them on the plate and have the guests eat the little flowers individually. It’s up to you!

  2. I have to say, you never cease to absolutely amaze me. Your artistry
    Goes to another level unmatched by anyone !!!!

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  4. Love your flowers. The hyacinth looks so cute. I would like to know if you have a printable version of the how to on this cookie? If you do pleae let me know with a e-mail response. Thanks. You are so talented and I love your work.

  5. I love your site, and watch your tutorials quite a bit. You are truly an artist. You have posted a couple of recipes, but may I ask what your basic cookie recipe is? I see it has orange and cardamom. Thank you.

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