Butterfly Cookies (and how to create a bokeh effect with royal icing!)

When I was decorating these butterfly cookies, my main focus was to use royal icing to experiment with bokeh effect (if you’re not familiar with bokeh, you can see some examples here). I studied a few images and zeroed in on the features that I thought would capture the overall feel of a bokeh background. butterfly-cookies

Here’s what you’ll need to make these butterfly cookies:

Colors: All of the icing colors were made using the Wilton Color Right color system 

  • Teal = blue + yellow
  • Purple = teal + pink

To create a bokeh effect on your cookies, you’ll need 4 shades of teal (or any color you want to use for the background) plus white flood consistency icing. Each of these bags is fitted with a Wilton tip 3. bokeh-bags-reszied

Begin by flooding a square cookie with the darkest shade of royal icing. bokeh-1-resized

While the icing is still wet, pipe dots using icing that is one shade lighter. Overlap some of the dots.bokeh-2-resized

Use one shade lighter to fill in the areas where the circles overlap.  bokeh-3-resized

Continue piping layers of dots with the lighter shades of teal icing. Use the white icing to fill in the areas where the lightest circles overlap. Allow the icing to dry completely (I usually allow my icing to dry overnight, but 8 hours should be enough).bokeh-3-resized

To complete the bokeh effect, use a soft brush to create circles of light blue pearl dust.bokeh-4-resized

Trace a butterfly cookie cutter with the scribe tool so that you scratch the outline into the icing. Fill it in with purple flood consistency icing and a tip 2.bokeh-5-resized

Pipe a staggered bead border with white stiff consistency icing and a tip 3.bokeh-6-resized

Dust the edges of the butterfly with the same blue pearl dust that was used earlier.bokeh-7-resized

Watch the video below to see the whole decorating process in action from start to finish:


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14 thoughts on “Butterfly Cookies (and how to create a bokeh effect with royal icing!)

  1. This is lovely…but it makes me laugh! I accidentally created that design using that technique a couple years ago when I was still learning how to use different icing consistencies I hadn’t let the foundation layer dry and went to pipe on the design but it sank in! Didn’t even think to keep it as an actual design method!

  2. its simply awesome. I love it alot. im inspired by ur cookie decorating alot. I have a request if u can accept it plzz post its video tutorial on ur Facebook page.
    Thank You

  3. That is very creative! Did you think to use a darker shade for background – midnigh blue, dark brown or even black?

    • Thanks! On my trial runs, I tried a darker color in the background and then I tried one even lighter than this. Somewhere in the middle seemed to be the best option!

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