Easter Cookies

This year’s Easter cookies were created using a variety of decorating techniques including flooding, tufting, roses, ruffles, bead borders, and painting with luster dust. Visit my Tutorial Shop for tutorials on these techniques.
Photos by super9Films
Almost everything on these cookies was done in royal icing, with the exception of the gold button on the quilted cookie, which was made by pressing fondant into a mold, similar to the way I created this fondant cameo.
There’s a new video tutorial in my shop on how to create the tufted effect. Learn how to enhance the look by using pearl dust in this tutorial.
Learn how I made this rose cookie using the wet-on-wet technique in this tutorial.
See a tutorial of this ruffle cookie here.
This cookie was made with a combination of brush embroidery, a bead border, ribbon roses, and painting with pearl dust.
These rose cookies were made using a Wilton petal tip 59°, which is a very small curved petal tip. There is a video on how to make royal icing roses and leaves in my Tutorial Shop. The video shows how to use a petal tip 104, but it is the same technique with any size petal tip.
This first rose cookie is covered in layers of brush embroidered icing. A video that shows brush embroidery in action is available in my Tutorial Shop.
This lacy cookie was piped freehand. I started out with a fishnet pattern then piped some filigree over it. I piped a few pearls and painted them with white pearl dust. The ribbon and bow were done with an Ateco tip 45, which has a flat narrow opening, about 1/16″ wide and 1/2″ long. I painted the ribbon and bow with pearl dust, also.
This blue cookie was based on a design inspired by fabric for Claire Pettibone’s runway show in October.
Visit my Tutorial Shop for more cookie decorating video tutorials!Easter
Photos by super9Films.

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  1. I have toyed to buy your cookie decorating tutorials but it would seam as if you do not have the united kingdom listed is this an oversight by me or is there some other way i could buy them ,thanks for your help in advance

    • Hi Laurie! Sorry about that! The shopping cart software lists Great Britain instead of the UK. Please let me know if you are able to select this option. Thank you!

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