Art Deco Inspired Cookie How-To

I first used this low-tech tissue paper method when I created these New York City skyline cookies. I don’t own a Kopykake, so this was the next best thing for me. Here’s how to do it.
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This is the template that I created for this project. You can click on the image to print the full size version.

Start out with a square cookie that has been iced in flood consistency royal icing and allowed to dry overnight. You can learn all about flooding in the video, Flooding With Royal Icing, which is available in my shop. You’ll also find my cookie and royal icing recipe there.
The gray color shown here can be achieved by mixing black with a touch of yellow to neutralize it.
Trace the image onto a piece of tissue paper using an edible ink marker. It helps to tape it down so it’s not moving around as you trace it.

Next, place the tissue paper over the cookie and tape the paper to the work surface.

Then, go over the image again with the edible ink marker. Make sure to put some pressure on it so that it bleeds through the paper.

It won’t be perfect, but you’ll have a basic outline of the design to use as a guide while you pipe.

Pipe over the outline of the design using black icing and a tip 1. This icing is a little thicker than flood consistency. You want the icing to flow out easily, but you don’t want it so thin that it spreads.

Let that dry for about 20 minutes. Put the cookie in front of a fan if possible.
Mix a little bit of black gel paste food coloring with a few drops of alcohol to form a paint. I like to use Bacardi 151, but you can use any alcohol or flavored extract.

Fill in the lines with the paint. I tried doing this by filling the lines in with icing, but the final product just didn’t look as clean as I would have liked.

Right after filling in the lines with the black paint, mix silver pearl dust with a few drops of alcohol and paint over the lines that you piped earlier.

And that’s it!

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30 thoughts on “Art Deco Inspired Cookie How-To

  1. Ambar quisiera comprar el cookie cuter de unicorn, el del vetido de boda y el corazon con el molde de la flor de 6 petalos para hacer el osito lo mismo quisiera el dust de color bronze por favor podria decirme como tengo que hacerlo?…,gracias Ambar y por favor contesteme… Muchas gracias

  2. Hello Amber,
    I just discovered you and I’m in awe of your Beautiful Cookies. I never knew cookies could be such a work of a
    Art. I probably frame them instead of eat them. Lol! Im excited about your tutorials. Me and my daughter Rainey are going to have fun learning the basics. Thank you so much for sharing your Art with us! 🙂

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  4. Bonjour .
    Je suis a chaque fois en admiration devant vos biscuits ..Merci pour ce partage que vous faites à chacune de vos réalisations.

  5. You are absolutely amazing. I have just purchased all of your videos and am so happy that you share all of your talent with all of us. I hope some day to visit you in NY to take a class from you. Thank you

  6. Amber lovely work! Thank you for sharing. Could you tell me what count icing you use for the black detail? Many Thanks.

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