Vintage Inspired Cookies

These cookies were inspired by the drawer pulls on the computer desk in my bakeshop, which I recently picked up at a used furniture store. I was immediately drawn to it because it reminded me of something out of my childhood bedroom!
Vintage-Wedding-20The inspirationVintage-Wedding-Inspiration
The color paletteVintage-Wedding-Colors
Green: Wilton Kelly green + lemon yellow
Blue: Wilton teal
Red: Americolor tulip red + a touch of black
Rose: Wilton pink + Americolor brown
Ivory: Wilton brown + golden yellow
These cookies were made using my Orange Vanilla Spice recipe, which is available in my tutorial shop. I cut the dough into 2-1/2″ squares by hand with a ruler and a paring knife.
Use an edible ink marker to draw the outline of the shape. I like to use FooDoodler brand.Vintage-Wedding-1
Fill in the shape with flood consistency royal icing and a tip 3. Read this post to learn about the three different royal icing consistencies that I use most often when decorating cookies.Vintage-Wedding-2
Use a scribe tool to help form the shape and to evenly distribute the icing.Vintage-Wedding-3
The flowers were made using the wet-on-wet technique. Start out by piping a little of the rose color with a tip 1 and then add a dot of red.               Vintage-Wedding-4 Vintage-Wedding-5
Swirl the colors around with the scribe tool. Vintage-Wedding-6
Add a few tiny blue flowers.Vintage-Wedding-7
Then pipe leaves using light green and a dot of dark green. Vintage-Wedding-8 Vintage-Wedding-9
Use the scribe tool to pull the icing into a leaf shape. Vintage-Wedding-10
Let the icing dry 8-12 hours.
I also made some small round cookies and put the flowers on the edge as a border.Vintage-Wedding-11
Once the icing is completely dry, dust the edges with bronze pearl dust. Vintage-Wedding-12
Pipe a border with medium consistency icing and a tip 1. The icing is brown because it will be painted gold later. Vintage-Wedding-13
Vintage-Wedding-14 Vintage-Wedding-15
If you’d like to pipe a monogram, you can use the scribe tool to draw the letter first as a guide.Vintage-Wedding-16
If you don’t feel comfortable making a letter freehand, you can try using the tissue paper method (if you don’t have KopyKake, which I do not).Vintage-Wedding-17
I usually make a bead border with stiff consistency icing, but here I used the same medium consistency that I had on hand. There is a video with full instructions on piping a bead border available in my tutorial shop.Vintage-Wedding-18
Allow the icing to dry for about an hour before painting it. Add a few drops of alcohol or flavored extract to some gold pearl dust and apply it to the icing with a small brush. Read this post for full instructions on painting with pearl dust. Vintage-Wedding-19
Allow the icing to dry another 4 hours or so before packaging the cookies.Vintage-Wedding-21
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23 thoughts on “Vintage Inspired Cookies

  1. Those drawers look JUST like a set I used to have. Oh my goodness — you manage to extract the most wondrous inspirations and turn them into even MORE wondrous cookies!

  2. Dear Amber, every new cookie…a surprise, this set is absolutely gorgeous! Now I understand when you write: “I’ve been inspired looking at my new deskstop”, everything around becomes a project if you are a cookie-aholic, it’s like a illness…I’m sick too, it’s your fault!!! Happy to be a cookie-aholic!
    Love, Evelin

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