Beauty and the Beast Inspired Cookies

When I was a kid, My favorite part of the animated Beauty and the Beast movie had to be Belle’s beautiful dress! I spent a lot of time drawing all of that draping fabric and trying to get the shading just right! It’s a lot easier to get that three dimensional effect now that I work with royal icing 🙂

While watching the trailer for the new movie coming out this week, I spotted some gold filigree on Beast’s tuxedo jacket, so I included a filigree design and gold luster dust on my cookie interpretation. The roses are piped with stiff consistency royal icing (I used red from the Wilton Color Right set to get that bright shade) and a petal tip 101. You can find a detailed tutorial on how to pipe roses in my downloadable lessons available here in the shop

Here’s what you’ll need to make these Beauty and the Beast cookies:

Music courtesy of Audio Network:

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11 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast Inspired Cookies

  1. So beautiful! I really like the colors and how the decorations aren’t overdone. I purchased your cookie recipe and have noticed that the flavor improves over time and that the royal icing somehow intensifies the orange flavor, as well. Thanks for making both recipes available!

  2. Nice job as usual, interested in what decorating kit you use. Or, is it just regular bags and tips? I love the detail you put in your work.

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