Easter Basket Cookie

As part of a collaborative project put together by Haniela’s that includes many talented cookiers, I’ve created these cute Easter basket cookies using the basket weave technique.  Easter Basket (6)
Photos by super9Films
The colors shown in this tutorial are from the Wilton Garden Tone 4-Piece Colors Set. I used aster mauve to make the pink color shown here, juniper green and delphinium blue. You can also make these colors yourself by adding a touch of black or brown to your pinks, blues and greens.
I used the Wilton Comfort-Grip Egg Cookie Cutter, which measures about 4-1/2″ tall. This cookie was made with my Orange Vanilla Spice recipe, available here in my shop.
Ice the cookie using flood consistency royal icing and a tip 3.

 Use a scribe tool to evenly distribute the icing immediately after flooding the cookie. Easter Basket (10)

Allow the icing to dry 8-12 hours. Once the icing is completely dry, use the scribe tool to mark where the top of your basket will be by scratching a line in the icing. I made mine a little more than half way down. Notice the line is not perfectly straight, but curves down slightly. Easter Basket (12)

Then, use stiff consistency royal icing and a tip 3 to pipe a rope border for the handle. Watch the clip below for demo on piping a rope border. It’s basically a series of interconnected backwards “S” shapes.Easter Basket (13)

You don’t need to wait for your rope border to dry to start the next step. Using the guide as your starting point, pipe a basket weave using stiff icing and a tip 3. You can learn more about basket weave in this post.Easter Basket (15)


Pipe a bead border using the same stiff icing and tip 3 that you used for the basket. Easter Basket (16)

To make the flowers, pipe groups of 3 upside down teardrop shapes using stiff icing in delphinium blue and a tip 2.


Once you have a few flowers, pipe leaves using a tip 352 with stiff icing in juniper green. You can see leaf making in action in the video in my shop on how to pipe roses and leaves.

Pipe lots of leaves hanging over the edge of the basket to add more dimension.

Photos by super9Films


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  4. Your work is so beautiful and artistic. I use your videos on this site, but I am not the artist you are. I have a question I am sure others would like to know. Do you ever look at something you have done and pick it apart for mistakes or think you could have done better? When I look at your work it’s just so beautiful.

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