Basket Weave Tutorial

I used the basket weave technique in royal icing on these spring hats. I really love this technique because it’s simple to do (once you get the hang of it!) and it leads to an impressive result.


You can see this technique in action in the Basket Weave Technique video, which is available in my Tutorial Shop.

In this tutorial, I am piping on a piece of colored fondant for contrast. Normally, I’d pipe this on top of a cookie that has been iced in flood consistency royal icing that has been allowed to dry overnight. A video with full instructions on flooding with royal icing is available in the Tutorial Shop.

Begin by piping a vertical line using stiff royal icing and a tip 2.

Then, pipe evenly spaced horizontal lines over the vertical line. The space between the horizontal lines should be just a bit wider than the tip you are using.

Next, pipe another vertical line that just covers the edges of your horizontal lines.

 Pipe the next set of horizontal lines in the spaces between the first set of horizontal lines.Continue this process until you have covered the desired area.

This technique can also be done on a round shape, as I did on the spring hat cookies. This technique is shown in the Spring Hat video tutorial in my shop.

Pipe a small dot in the center to cover the seams.

Visit my tutorial shop for more cookie decorating video tutorials.

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  1. Thank you Amber once again for showing us your amazing work! I think you have become my absolute favorite piping cookier. 🙂

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