Cat Cookies!

I consider my house to be the home of the Brady Bunch in cat form. When my significant other and I combined our households into one, we ended up with two of everything including 2 pairs (pair?) of cats. It took them a few months to get used to each other, but now they can all at least stand to be in the same room. Sometimes they can even share a couch.
I made these cat cookies as a gift for a friend who took care of the fur babies while we were away. Clockwise from left: Eddie, Kraemer, Tubby, cookiesFor products used in this and other tutorials, visit my recommended products page. My cookie and royal icing recipe are available in my tutorial shop.I started out by making a sketch. I tried to capture the characteristics that make each cat unique. (Clockwise from left) Eddie has a teddy bear face, Kraemer has a skinny head and a mane, Tubby has a peanut butter face, and Missy is calico with raccoon eyes.
I’ve had this cat cutter for a long time and I cannot remember where in the world in came from. I thought maybe it was from a Wilton assorted set of cutters, but I couldn’t find it on their site. I did, however, find a similar shape at Cheap Cookie Cutters!
I ended up trimming off what I think is supposed to be the end of the tail so that I could make their tails wrap around the front. This cookie was made using my Orange Vanilla Spice recipe, which is available in my tutorial shop.
This is my cat color palette.
cat cookies
  • Orange: Americolor tulip red + Wilton lemon yellow (I don’t own any orange color!)
  • Green: Wilton juniper green from the garden tone set
  • Pink: Wilton pink + orange (The 3 pinks here are the same, just different shades)
  • Kraemer gray: Americolor black + tiny bit of Wilton brown
  • Blue: Wilton sky blue
  • Eddie gray: Americolor black
I iced these cookies using the wet on wet royal icing technique. I started out by filling in the white areas with flood consistency royal icing and a tip 2 and then filled in the colors also using a tip 2 and flood consistency icing.

Eddie1 Kraemer1

Missy1 Tubby1

I allowed the icing to dry overnight and then piped the details using a tip 1 and used a scribe tool to help shape the icing. I filled in the pupils with a FooDoodler edible ink marker.

Eddie Eddie2

Sir Edmund Hillary III. AKA: Eddie, Ed, Edz, Teddy, Ted, Spaghetti, Eddie Spaghetti, Spaghetti Face.

Kraemer Kraemer2

Lord Kraemer P. Fields. AKA: Kraemer, Kraem, Kray, Kway Kway, Kwan.

Missy Missy2

Missy. AKA: Miss, Missy Elliot, Missy Misdemeanor, Musheen, Mush, Mushy, Mushy Musheen.

Tubby Tubby2

Tubby. AKA: Tubz, Tub Tub, Tubbin, Tubby Bunny.

Do your pets have lots of nicknames? <3
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45 thoughts on “Cat Cookies!

  1. I love these biscuits! Our 4 cats are: 1. Guyver – Small, black & white/’Munchkin’. 2. Megatron – Large, grey & white, fluffy/’The Fluffit’. 3 & 4: Fox – Ginger & white, likes to play with water/’Little Fish’. Carmine – Ginger & white, knocks things off tables for attention, has allergies/’Monkey Magic’ or ‘Scab’. Collectively known as ‘The Ginger Ninjas’.

  2. Haha…I love all the names for your kitties! Our kitty is Terra AKA Terra Berra, Kit Kat, Tic Tac, Pretty Kitty & our doggie is Princess Siara Mai AKA Chicka Bum-bum, Chicka Bella, Chita, Foosa, Floof. ???

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  4. Oh my goodness, does my cat EVER have nicknames! His name is Winston, he looks sort of like Tubby up there, and my roommate and I refer to him in the following fashions: Baby, Buddy, Winstoner, Winstonian, Chunkmaster Supreme, Fluffy Nugget, Fluffy Nut, Fluffeh, Kitty, Cat, Dude, Fluffy Butt (can you tell he’s fluffy?), and, occasionally, Farty McStinker. I have also called him Lord Fluffypants before, and she has called him Poop, for reasons unknown. I think she originally called him Boop and then it just deteriorated real fast.

  5. OMG!!!! These cookiesare AMAZING!!! I have a Seal Point Siamese. Her name is Zoe. AKA: Zoe-bug/Zo-bug, Zo-butt, Zo-Monster, Chicken, Zo-zee, Zo-Bee. We also have. Blue Point named Sasha. AKA: Sash-ee, Sash-ee-Sash, [Ss-AAHHH-shh]. LOL

  6. Just beautiful.homed many strays an babies through the years.Down to 5kitties.Snowball,Sweetpea,Pearl,Cinny,UNo,who is the baby at 20lb.Just beautiful work.I can tell u lu ur babies too.

  7. I love how many nicknames your kitties have! I’m the same way!
    Anubis aka Noob, Noobis, Nooby, Nub, Nublits, Nubbins, Nubbis, or add “Mr.” before any of those.

    Freyja aka Fray Fray, Ferbis, Foobis, Feebis, Fifi, Fluffy Lady, Fluffis, Fluffy Mama, Mama G. (most of these make little to no sense and seem to stem from Noob’s nicknames lol)

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