More Gold Royal Icing And My NY Cake Haul

I can’t go into New York City without stopping at NY Cake to stock up on decorating supplies. They recently came out with a line of FDA approved luster and petal dusts, which I’d been meaning to try, but hadn’t gotten around to ordering them online. Up until now, the only other FDA approved luster dusts I knew of were made by Wilton. I love that stuff, but it’s nice to have some other options. Gold6
This is me trying to narrow down my selection to just 3 colors of luster dust.Gold8
I ended up getting Super Gold and Ivory luster dust along with brown petal dust. I will be trying that one out for my cracked glaze technique at some point.Gold
I used this cookie to compare the Super Gold with Wilton’s gold pearl dust. I mixed both dusts with a little bit of Bacardi 151 to form a paint. Read this post for full instructions on painting with pearl dust.
NY Cake Super Gold is on the left and Wilton gold pearl dust is on the right.Gold4
The Wilton pearl dust is a much more sparkly gold, while the NY Cake dust has more of a dull finish. What I love about the NY Cake Super Gold is that it is a really fine dust, which created a smooth paint that covered the icing evenly with just one coat. The Wilton pearl dust is a little bit more coarse, which makes it become chunky pretty easily and it sometimes needs two coats for even coverage. It also makes the surface of the icing sort of rough, which is okay for certain projects, like this one, but it wouldn’t work for everything.
Here’s a closer look.Gold5
I am going to hang on to both brands of gold dust because I can use each one for a different application. I see the NY Cake gold dust as being great for cookies with an antique feel, while the Wilton gold can be used for the fun, partying type of cookies.
This is me in front of the selection of cookie cutters.Gold7
Out of all of these, I chose two.  I’ll use them in an upcoming fall cookie tutorial.Gold2
I also picked up some decorating bags and gel paste colors. Shown here are Americolor Royal Blue, Burgundy and Leaf Green. I’ve been using Wilton colors forever, mostly because I’m obsessed with the garden tone set, but I’m slowly making the change to Americolor since they come in a convenient squeeze bottle.  Gold3
 Yay!                Gold9
The store is located at 56 West 22nd Street.
 Click on the images below for cookie decorating tutorials              Vintage-Wedding-20 Swan22 Royal-Baby-13

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  1. Thank you for sharing all these beautiful decorated cookies! I am just retired and enjoy watching your tutorials and hoping I can get started too! Thanks again. Down in Texas!

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