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This video tutorial will teach you how to make royal icing, which is used to create smooth iced cookies and delicate decorations. This video has easy to follow instructions and includes a royal icing recipe.
This video along with the other basic technique videos, my Orange Vanilla Spice Cookie recipe and royal icing recipe are now available in a bundled package.
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How To Make Royal Icing:  6 min 56 sec 97.6 MB
Royal Icing Recipe: 67.5 KB
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16 thoughts on “Lesson 1: How To Make Royal Icing – Video

  1. I admire your work of art! Being a working mum, I still do dream of making some yummy + ‘good looking’ cookies from time to time, and you might be the one helping me fulfill a little dream :) thanks!

  2. Do you teach how to make royal icing without egg? I’m a total vegetarian but would love to work with royal icing. your work is gorgeous n tempts me to try my hand on it.

  3. Hi Amber! I´m from Argentina and I would like to know if I can purchase the royal icing recipe and if the price is the same for foreig peolple. I love your work!

    • Hello! Since the recipe is a downloadable file, there are no extra costs associated with international purchases. The price is the same for everyone! Let me know if you have any problems at checkout. Thank you!

  4. hola!soy de argentina y quisiera comprar varios videos o tutoriales,pero el tema aquí, es el “cepo al dolar” cómo tendría que hacer para poder comprarlos ya que no me venden dólares? y de poder conseguirlos cómo tengo que hacer el pedido y cómo hago àara pagar ya que no puedo pagar con tarjeta.Espero su respuesta.Desde ya muchas gracias.otra información ,acá en Argentina o se vende ningún librosuyo,si es así cómo se llama?

  5. hi,firstly your work is amazing and perfect! I really enjoy ur tutorials! I purchased a video from u and had a question about it…….

  6. Hi Amber, I’ve brought your video and recipe and absolutely love them. Your instructions are very clear. I’ve just made a batch and find that your recipe is quick thick and dense, which is perfect for doing lace work.

    Since meringue powder is not readily available in where i live, I wonder can I use dried powdered egg white in the same amount?

    Your cookies are always stunning beautiful, keep up the good work!

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