SweetAmbs Cookie Decorating Class At Alma’s Cupcakes

Last week I had the honor of teaching cookie decorating classes at Alma’s Cupcakes in Madrid. There were 3 separate classes over the course of 5 days. The first class was a two day workshop. I taught two of those. During the class, we flooded cookies, practiced the wet on wet technique, piped filigree, made brush embroidered flowers, bead borders and basket weave. I’ll post links to the tutorials for all of these techniques at the end of the post.2_Day_ClassbThe 5th day of class was the advanced workshop. I squeezed a lot of material into one day! We made royal icing roses with a lacy brush embroidered border and some ruffles, piped filigree and painted it gold, and then painted tiny blue roses by hand. I made these cookies ahead of time so that I could show the students what we were going to make in class. I thought it would be best if they could see the cookies in person, so I took lots of photos (just in case) and then very carefully packed them in my suitcase. Even after being thrown onto a baggage carousel and flown across the Atlantic, every cookie arrived completely intact. Advanced_Class
Alma has two locations in Madrid. This location is the store where she sells cake and cookie decorating supplies. The class took place in the school, which is across the street.SweetAmbs-Almas-Cupcakes47
Here are some photos from the class.
Alma baked around 300 cookies for us to use!SweetAmbs-Almas-Cupcakes3
I started the class by showing the students how I make royal icing.SweetAmbs-Almas-Cupcakes6
I went around the room making sure everyone had the correct icing consistency for flooding.SweetAmbs-Almas-Cupcakes8
Alma’s shop is really beautiful. It’s a nice place to decorate cookies!SweetAmbs-at-Almas-Cupcakes
All of the students did really well.SweetAmbs-Almas-Cupcakes48
On the second day of the workshop after the flood icing was dry, we worked only with stiff consistency icing to make brush embroidered flowers, bead borders and baskets. SweetAmbs-Almas-Cupcakes31
After the two day workshop, I flooded nearly 100 cookies for the students to use during the advanced class.SweetAmbs-Almas-Cupcakes21
The students all did amazing work.SweetAmbs-Almas-Cupcakes44
We had a graduation ceremony at the end of class and each student received a diploma.SweetAmbs-Almas-Cupcakes17
After the graduation ceremony, we had a raffle to give away the cookies that I decorated during class. I signed the back of the cookies with an edible ink marker 😀SweetAmbs-Almas-Cupcakes20
Thank you for having me, Alma! I hope to come back soon! SweetAmbs-Almas-Cupcakes55
Here is a list of all of the techniques and recipes from the class. These are included in the video bundle, which is available in the tutorial shop:
  • Orange Vanilla Spice Cookie and Royal Icing Recipe
  • How To Make Royal Icing
  • Flooding with Royal Icing
  • Cookie Decorating Basics
  • Bead Border
  • Brush Embroidery
  • How To Pipe Ruffles
  • Roses and Leaves
  • Basket Weave Technique.
Click here for a tutorial on the wet on wet technique.
Here are the decorating products that I use most often.
I put together a short video of some clips from the class:
I look forward to meeting many more of you in upcoming classes! Check back for the schedule 😀OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Thank you Super9Films for assisting me during class and taking lots of photos!

35 thoughts on “SweetAmbs Cookie Decorating Class At Alma’s Cupcakes

  1. I wish I can meet with you and have classes with you. But I am too young. I wish you can go here on the Philippines. But actually, when I grow up, I want to be like you…..

  2. I wish I was in your class and meet with you but I am too young and I also wish that you can come here on the Philippines coz’ I want to know decorating cookies like you!

  3. That looked like so much fun!! I hope you’ll have a class in NYC someday and I hope to be in attendance. I haven’t ever made a cookie before, but I hopefully will soon from watching your tutorials.

  4. The course was amazing a dream, you are fantastic and a good teacher. I hope one da y I will go to your classes in New York.

    Big kisses from Madrid

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