How To Make Leopard Print Cookies {video tutorial}

This leopard print pattern is made using the wet-on-wet royal icing technique. It’s really simple to do! 

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:


  • Light and Dark brown: Wilton Brown + a touch of Juniper Green
  • Black: Americolor Super Black
  • Pink: Wilton pink


Watch the video below for instructions on how to make these leopard print cookies:

Once the icing is completely dry, you can leave them the way they are and package them in cello bags. I think they look very chic! Or, if you want to dress them up, you can add more decorations at this point. Here are a few examples of what I did: 
I used white, pale pink and gold icing to add borders, pearls and chains. Read this post for step by step instructions on how to pipe a royal icing gold chain

The lacy border is done with the brush embroidery technique. Start by using stiff consistency icing and a tip 2 to pipe a ruffle around the edge of the cookie. Then, using a damp square tip brush, pull the icing inward. There is a video with full instructions on brush embroidery available in my tutorial shop.

The ruffle border is piped using stiff icing and a petal tip 104. With the wide end on the cookie and the narrow end facing out, use a zigzag motion to apply the ruffle. You can add a bead border to the inside edge with a tip 2. Visit my tutorial shop for videos on how to pipe ruffles and on how to pipe a bead border.

I painted the bead border and the edge of the ruffle using a mixture of gold pearl dust and alcohol. Read this post for more information on painting with gold. You can use the bead border technique to add pearls. The heart charm was piped using flood consistency icing and a tip 1. I used my scribe tool to help form the shape of the heart.

Click here to see the whole set of leopard print cookies.
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  2. Wow !!!! Simply superb !!!!! I ran into ur site completely by accident and 3 hours later,m still here. Reading and taking in every word u hav written. Watching the videos. Getting inspired. I myself have ventured into baking very recently and watching you has soared my spirts and dampened them at the same time. Soared coz m inspired and Your fab and i feel terrible coz i wonder if and when will i ever reach your level of skill and imagination. But i shall definetly try !!!!. Amazing job. !!!!

  3. muito legal gostari de receber essas publicaçoes .sou profissional da area


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