Halloween Cookies – Jack Skellington Jack O’Lanterns

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These Halloween cookies are part of a collaboration with my friend Angela of The Squishy Monster. Angela thought it would be cute to incorporate Jack Skellington into our project, so I put his face on a pumpkin cookie!

Make sure to visit The Squishy Monster for Angela’s pumpkin cookie recipe and other Halloween treats!

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:


See below for printable instructions!

[mv_create key=”4″ type=”diy” title=”Halloween Cookies – Jack Skellington Jack O’Lanterns”]

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 Spiders final    

22 thoughts on “Halloween Cookies – Jack Skellington Jack O’Lanterns

    • make your royal icing as per the directions, in order to thin for flooding use small amounts of water at a time and mix into the icing with a small spatula. it will reach flooding concistancy when you pull your spatula through the icing and it take about 17 seconds to recover completely. Good Luck, and Have Fun!!

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  2. Hi amber, love your video and the music you used. I’ve tried to identify the music but have drawn a blank. Could you tell me what it is please…? Many thanks rachel x

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