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SweetAmbs Cookie Recipe. Orange Vanilla Spice Cookies.
These recipes along with all of my cookie decorating video tutorials are now available in a bundled package.
This is my preferred roll out cookie recipe when decorating with royal icing. This orange vanilla spice cookie is slightly chewy on the inside with crispy edges, keeps its shape while baking, and tastes great. It contains orange zest, vanilla bean and cardamom to give the cookies a unique flavor. It also contains agave syrup, which helps to keep them soft. Agave syrup browns more quickly than sugar, so keep that in mind when baking. This recipe is ideal for making cookies that will be decorated with royal icing. You can omit the orange zest and cardamom from the recipe for a plain cookie, or try different flavors such as almond extract and lemon zest. 
You will receive the recipes in both U.S. and metric measurements with this purchase.
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Sugar Cookie Recipe

You will also receive the royal icing recipe free with this purchase. This royal icing recipe is made with meringue powder. You can read more about royal icing here:

royal icing recipe
Use this royal icing recipe to make perfectly smooth iced cookies and to make beautiful decorations such as brush embroidered flowers and bead borders.
Cookie Recipe PDF: 72 KB
Royal Icing Recipe PDF: 68 KB
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DISCLAIMER: The outcome of these recipes can be affected by many factors including but not limited to weather, altitude, variations in baking equipment and tools, as well as brand of ingredients used. It is recommended that you make a test batch and make the appropriate adjustments BEFORE making cookies for a special occasion or for a customer. This is a recipe that is used on a regular basis at SweetAmbs with fantastic results, but that does not mean that it will be right for everyone. Please read this post for more information on making cookie dough.

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  1. Hi! How are you? I’m from Uruguay. Here we have not meringue powder, what can I do? Thank you!

  2. Hi Amber! I just purchased your basics bundle and am so excited to try it out! However, all the measurements are in cups, and I believe your cups may be different from the cups in Australia. Could you kindly send me the recipe in grams (for the royal icing and the cookies)? Thank you so much!!! 😀

  3. Hi I purchased your cookie recipe but its spreading, ALOT! Any idea why? I’m following all the instructions

  4. Hello, is a hand mixer okay to use when making royal icing? Also, I cannot find vanilla beans, am I able to use vanilla extract? Thank you!!

  5. Hello – 1st let me say I LOVE your designs – beautiful!!! I purchased your cookie dough recipe & frosting duo but my cookies are turning into really hard biscuits – how can avoid this? I’m baking them for a shorter time than suggested but they are REALLY hard. Any suggestions?

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