Silhouette Cookie Tutorial

I designed these silhouette cookies just about a year ago for a Dolce Drive princess charm school themed party, which was featured on the Amy Atlas blog, Sweet Designs.
I used the royal icing transfer method to make the silhouettes for these cookies. First, I drew a silhouette, scanned it into the computer and printed multiple images on one sheet for my template.
I don’t have the file with multiple images printed on one page saved on my computer, but this is the drawing I made for this project. You can click on the image to bring up the full size version and use a photo editing program to make your royal icing transfer template.
SweetAmbs template
Then, I taped the template to a sheet tray and taped a piece of acetate over it. Using 20 count royal icing and a tip 1, I piped the silhouettes onto the acetate. Although this tutorial uses acetate, I recommend using wax paper for this method. It will be much easier to remove the transfers. Parchment paper doesn’t work as well because it ripples from the moisture of the icing and your transfers will not dry flat.
After allowing the silhouettes to dry overnight, I carefully removed the acetate from the tray by sliding a knife under the tape on both sides. I then cut the silhouettes apart and very carefully peeled the acetate back in order to loosen the royal icing transfer. I then gently slid the silhouette off of the acetate onto a sheet tray.
I made a lot of extras in case of breakage!
This cookie shape is the fancy square from My orange vanilla spice cookie and royal icing recipe are available in my tutorial shop.
I iced the cookie with thinned royal icing and let it dry overnight. Visit my shop for a video on flooding with royal icing. This step should be done on the same day that you make your silhouettes so they’ll be ready at the same time. Using a 2-1/2″ round cutter as a stencil, I traced a circle onto the cookie using a FooDoodler Food Coloring Marker.
Then I filled in the circle with hot pink flood consistency royal icing and a tip 3.
I carefully placed the silhouette onto the icing while the icing was still wet. Using a small piece of acetate from earlier will help in transferring the silhouette onto the cookie. Let the icing dry overnight.
I added an earring, a necklace and a bead border using stiff aqua colored icing and a tip 2. A video on how to pipe a bead border is available in my shop. The gold bead border was piped with a tip 3 and light brown stiff icing then painted with gold pearl dust. Read this blog post for more information on painting with pearl dust.

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  1. I was just looking at your site on doing silhouettes do you actually have videos available cause I have done some designs of my on an want to put them on my cookies .

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  3. Hi , thank you for amazing tips ! It’s help me a lot ! Can I follow the same method by using melt chocolate instead of royal icing for different usage ?
    Thank you !

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