Pool Party Cookies!

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I made these pool party cookies as part of a collaboration with the talented Laura of Krazy Kool Cakes. She makes the cutest fondant cupcake toppers! Visit her YouTube channel to see her tutorial on how to make a fondant swimming pool cupcake topper to go along with your pool party cookies!
SweetAmbs-Pool-Cookies-Web2Here’s what you’ll need for this project:
  • Pink = Americolor deep pink
  • Yellow = Wilton lemon yellow
  • Blue = Wilton sky blue
Watch the video below to learn how to make these swimming pool cookies:
Tip: If you pipe the royal icing transfers too thin, you could run into some trouble when you place them on top of the piping gel. Make sure that you pipe your rafts very “poofy” so that the gel does not dissolve the icing. Visit my tutorial shop for a full step by step tutorial on how to make royal icing transfers.
While the piping gel will become dry to the touch after several hours, it will stick to a bag if the bag touches the surface. If you’re going to wrap these cookies in cellophane bags for shipping, the rim of the pool should help to keep the bag up off the surface of the piping gel. Make sure that there’s no slack in the bag when you seal it up so that it doesn’t sag down and touch the gel.
Head over to Krazy Kool Cakes on YouTube for the fondant cupcake topper tutorial!
Click on the images below for more fun with cookies!                    Grill Picnic Beach cookie

28 thoughts on “Pool Party Cookies!

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  2. Just curious for those pencil cookies why was it necessary to use gray royal icing for the metal band since it was going to b pained silver anyway???

    • Hi Rebecca! I find that the silver looks much better when it’s applied to a gray base rather than white. This also applies to painting with gold – I start out with a brown icing base.

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