Ombre Cookie Tutorial

While creating this ombre cookie, I tried a few different techniques and found that brush embroidery worked best for transitioning through these shades of blue. You can achieve this color by mixing blue with a touch of black.
To make different shades of the same color, I started by making the darkest shade first and mixed it with white icing to lighten it.
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I gave my cookie a crumb coat, which is not something I’d tried before. While I did need a smooth surface on which to apply my brush embroidery, I did not want to flood the cookie and end up with two full layers of icing in the end. Also, the drying time for this thin coat was about 20 minutes in front of a fan, meaning I didn’t have to wait overnight to get started on the decorating.
I used medium consistency icing for the base.
Before the icing dried completely, I marked 1/2″ spaces using a ruler and a scribe (this cookie is 3×3″). A toothpick would also work for this step.
Once the icing is dry to the touch, you can start on the fun part. I have here a container of water, a square tip brush and a paper towel.
Begin by piping a line in a zigzag motion with a tip 2. This is stiff consistency royal icing.
Then, dip your square tip brush in the water, blot the excess on the paper towel and brush the icing inward in short, quick motions. There is a video with full instructions on brush embroidery available in my tutorial shop.
I was able to fit 3 rows of each color per 1/2″ section.
Pipe a bead border that matches the shade of each row with a tip 2. There’s a video in my tutorial shop with full instructions on how to pipe a bead border.
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3 thoughts on “Ombre Cookie Tutorial

  1. I did a multi layer cake with fading chocolate to white icing similar to this idea, but I love your colors. So beautiful!

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