Candy Crush Cookies {Video Tutorial}

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I resisted the Candy Crush craze up until about a month ago. It’s a good thing this game comes with restrictions on how long you can play at once, or else these Candy Crush cookies might never have been made.
For products used in this and other tutorials, visit the recommended products page.Candy crush cookiesI cut these mini cookies by hand (except for the round ones). They were made using my Orange Vanilla Spice cookie recipe, which is available in my tutorial shop.
I used Wilton and Americolor gel pastes for the Candy Crush color palette.
Yellow: Wilton Lemon Yellow + Golden Yellow
Purple: Wilton Violet + Pink
Blue: Wilton Sky Blue
Green: Wilton Kelly Green
Red: Americolor Tulip Red
Orange: Americolor Tulip Red + Wilton Lemon Yellow
Brown: Americolor Chocolate Brown + a spoonful of cocoa powder
The pink stripes on the “sweet” plaque cookie were made using Wilton Pink.
Here’s a video on how to make Candy Crush Cookies.

All of the cookies in this set were iced using flood consistency royal icing.
Click here for a full tutorial on the Tissue Paper Method of transferring images onto a cookie. It’s a great alternative for those who do not own a Kopykake projector.

Candy crush cookies

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  1. Hermosisimk su trabajo, deseo hacer lo mismo que usted, deseo saber si tiene tutoriales o revistas en español, gracias

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