Brush Embroidery Tutorial

Brush embroidery is one of my favorite decorating techniques.
To begin, fill a decorating bag fitted with a tip 3 with flood consistency royal icing. The color shown here is Wilton delphinium blue. You can achieve this color by mixing royal blue with a touch of black. I’m working on a 3″ round sugar cookie. My cookie and royal icing recipe are available here in my shop. Outline the cookie and flood it immediately. Work quickly so that the outline blends in with the rest of the icing. This way the outline won’t be visible when the icing dries. Visit my shop for a video tutorial on flooding with royal icing.
To prepare for brushing your cookies, have a small container of water ready along with a paper towel to blot your brush. Fill a decorating bag fitted with a  round tip #2 with stiff consistency white icing. Stiff consistency icing is what I refer to when the icing comes off of the mixer, no additional water needed. For more information, watch How To Make Royal Icing and Cookie Decorating Basics. Pipe a flower petal using a zigzag motion to achieve a ruffled look.
Immediately dip your brush into the water and blot it on the paper towel. The brush shown here is the square tip brush from the Wilton 3 pc. Decorator Brush Set. Using short, quick strokes, brush the icing inward. Work on one petal at a time so that the icing does not have time to dry before you brush it.
Repeat these steps for the inner petals.
Let the icing dry for about an hour before handling the cookie.
There is now a brush embroidery video tutorial available in my shop!

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  3. Hi Amber. I bought your recipe for royal icing but I am guessing that’s the one for the flooding of the cookie, which seems to be a different consistency to the stiff icing. Do you just add less liquid to the stiff icing? Do you buy it ready made?
    Thanks for the beautiful website

    • Hi Mariana! The royal icing recipe will give you a stiff icing. It won’t be super stiff. It should be spreadable, but still be able to hold a peak. You might not need to add all of the water in the recipe depending on the conditions where you are working. The recipe calls for 3/4 cups of water, but as you’ll see in the instructions, you should hold back a few tablespoons at first and add the rest later if your icing seems too dry. Email me at [email protected] if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment!

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