3D Cookies! {Tunde’s Creations 3D Cookie Making Kit}

I’d never tried making 3D cookies until Tunde from Tunde’s Creations sent me an awesome 3D cookie making kit. I was a little nervous at first, but it was really easy to use and I love how they turned out! I filled mine with foil wrapped chocolates from Alps Sweet Shop in Beacon.
3D-Hearts7The 3D cookie making kit comes with 12 heart molds, which is enough to make 6 3D cookies. It also comes with a heart shaped cookie cutter so your cookies will fit over the molds. The package has recipes printed inside, but I used my usual Orange Vanilla Spice cookie recipe, which is available in my tutorial shop.
 I let my dough soften a little bit so that I could shape it to fit over the molds.


3D-Hearts-2 3D-Hearts-3

Once the cookies were baked and cooled, I removed the molds. It took a little bit of prying, so you’ll probably want to grease them first! My bad. 

3D-Hearts-4 3D-Hearts-5

To ice the cookies, place them on a grate or cooling rack and cover them in flood consistency royal icing and let the excess drip off the sides. This color is Wilton delphinium blue from the garden tone set. The pink icing shown in the first photo is aster mauve, also from the garden tone set. 

3D-Hearts-7 3D-Hearts-8

Allow the icing to dry for a few minutes, then remove the cookies from the grate and place them onto a parchment lined cookie sheet to dry.


Place the cookies in front of a fan to help speed up the drying process. Once the icing is dry (it’s a thin layer, so a couple of hours should be sufficient), smooth out the bottom with a microplane. 


I used medium consistency icing to pipe a filigree pattern on the hearts.
My step by step filigree video tutorial is FINALLY available in my shop!!!

3D-Hearts-11 3D-Hearts-12

After about an hour of drying time, I painted the filigree with gold highlighter from NY Cake. This highlighter is labeled as “non-toxic”, but not edible. I only use the highlighter on things that aren’t going to be consumed. If these will be eaten, I’d recommend using Wilton gold pearl dust or one of the new FDA approved luster dusts from NY Cake.
Read my post about how to make gold icing for full instructions on painting with gold.
I did two different versions of these 3D cookies. For the first one, I placed a loop of ribbon inside the heart and piped flood consistency icing around the edge to glue the two halves together.

3D-Hearts-14 3D-Hearts-15

Then, I piped a bead border using stiff consistency icing and a tip 5. Visit my tutorial shop for a video with full instructions on how to pipe a bead border.


For the second version, I piped a border on each half separately, let them dry and then tied them together with a ribbon. That way, the seam doesn’t have to be broken in order to open it up.


I ended up painting over the gold highlighter with some ivory pearl dust because it was a little bit too shiny for me, so I wanted to tone it down.


Visit Tunde’s Creations to purchase your own set of 3D cookie molds!


Visit the tutorial shop to get the new filigree tutorial or come visit me in Beacon for a class to learn this technique in person!  
Pink-and-Gold-Filigree   Blue-filigree 

24 thoughts on “3D Cookies! {Tunde’s Creations 3D Cookie Making Kit}

  1. I clicked on the link to Tundee’s to order the 3-D package. Etsy stated the item is no longer available 🙁

  2. Hello, I have a problem with cookies in 3D

    Let’s do this, ha ha ha … this weekend we’ve done 3D heart cookies and bathroom turns out the cookies in glaze, put them in the dehydrator and then let to cool and the afternoon decorated it with roses fondant … the problem is that the next day the icing cookies had been cracked and as the days go by.

    I made another batch and left undecorated 24h, put them glaze and I had the dehydrator longer and then I decorated 24 hours after … and … who have turned to crack, but it took more like crack why???

    muacccc muacccc.

    I certainly other cookies decorated with icing and it has not happened, only 3D
    thank you very much

  3. I don’t know how they may taste but your imagery of these baked items are heavenly!!! If pictures were delicious as the actual items must be, I’d be eating them right off the screen!! saludos!!

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