Black Cat Cookie Wedding Cake Topper

My brother and his wife love two things as much as they love each other: Autumn and black cats! I had the honor of creating this black cat cookie that sat atop a pumpkin cake at their fall-themed wedding a couple of weeks ago.

I made the topper with my Orange Vanilla Spice cookie recipe. The shape was cut by hand and iced with black royal icing that I colored with edible charcoal powder (my new favorite way to make black icing!). I added the cookie sticks using the technique shown in this blog post.

The yellow and red roses were piped with stiff consistency royal icing and a petal tip 101. You can learn more about piping roses and leaves in my book or in my video tutorial series, available in the tutorial shop. Once the roses were dry, I dusted them with Crystal Colors Autumn Blaze.

The pumpkin cake was made by Deisings Bakery in Kingston, New York.

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    Love your site! I use food grade too but never thought of using it in my royal icing cookie frosting. I was checking your site because it seems like my black is never “very black”. I included a link only because my daughter sent it to me as I was using Food Grade Charcoal for teeth whitening. She is a health guru and personal trainer; wish I had her ambition in the realm of exercise!! Mine is great tasting, pretty cookies! Tell me your thoughts? I like the idea of using food grade charcoal. How much in one cookie can inhibit absorption of meds or vitamin??? Of course my question is sarcastic but should we disclose this info in our cookie labels? Sounding repetitive. . . please tell me what you think?

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