Reindeer Cookies!

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These reindeer cookies were made using the Long Fancy Plaque cutter from Ann Clark Cookie Cutters. It’s one of my favorite shapes!



Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

Colors: The Wilton Color Right color system was used to create all of the icing colors in this set of cookies.

  • Turquoise = blue + yellow
  • Red = Red + black
  • Green = yellow + blue
  • Gray
  • Brown

Right click on the reindeer template to save it so that you can print it out. Reindeer-Template

Watch the video to see how I decorated these reindeer cookies:

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10 thoughts on “Reindeer Cookies!

  1. Love your work and have been watching for a long time 🙂 Would you happen to know how many drops of each color were used to create the colors you got? Thank you!

  2. Is there a way of making paint (I am referring to the gold n silver paint that you make from gold n silver dust) without using alcohol?

  3. Oh, they are so beautiful! I would never have thought to use turquoise for X-Mas, but it works perfectly fine ?
    And thanks again for your explanation about the amount of meringue powder you use for ucing back in the Cookie Connection chat – it was really helpful!

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