Rainbow Leopard Print Cookies!

These rainbow leopard cookies are making me feel like it’s 1994 and time to pick out some Lisa Frank school supplies!

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Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

Colors: Pink, orange, yellow, blue, green, and purple from the Wilton Color Right system

Watch the video for the instructions on how to decorate rainbow leopard print cookies:

Click on the images below for more cookie projects!    


Galaxy-cookies1 makeup-cookies-resized Dreamcatcher-Cookies7-resized 



7 thoughts on “Rainbow Leopard Print Cookies!

  1. Bravo! Festive, colorful. Loved the video/tutorial. I will have a go at this design. Hopefully I can do it quickly before they crust. lol

  2. Hi Amber! So pretty! Can I ask how your icing stays so soft through the process? If I were to do this, by the time I got to the blending portion it would already have started to harden over. Thank you!!

  3. Hi Amber these are absolutely amazing !!! You just keep surprising all your fans with your unbelievable talent. Thank You for sharing and inspiring.
    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding !!!!!
    Can’t wait to see pictures !!!

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