Penguin Cookies!

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These penguin cookies will stay warm all winter long wearing their royal icing scarves!


The penguin cookie cutter that I used to make these cookies is from Ann Clark Cookie Cutters. You can find this and lots of other adorable shapes here.


Here’s what you’ll need for this project. Find these products and more in my Amazon Store.

Watch the video below to see how I decorated these penguin cookies:


  1. Begin by cutting the penguin cookies from a chilled sheet of cookie dough.

  2. Turn some of the cookies over before baking so that the penguins are facing opposite directions.

  3. Once the cookies are baked and cooled, ice the face and wings using black flood consistency royal icing and a decorating tip 2.

  4. Use a scribe tool to evenly distribute the icing.

  5. Add an eye with white flood consistency icing and a tip 3.

  6. Fill in the middle with white flood consistency icing.

  7. Cover the rest of the cookie with black icing.

  8. Pipe a little bit of orange flood consistency icing on the beak.

  9. Pipe feet using the orange icing.

  10. Allow the icing to dry completely – at least 8 hours.

  11. Pipe the outline of a scarf using medium consistency royal icing and a tip 1.

  12. Fill in the scarf using a zig-zag motion.

  13. Pipe a border on the edges of the scarf.

  14. Create a snowflake pattern by piping dots of medium consistency icing with a tip 1.

  15. Use white and red icing to pipe tassels.

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