How To Make Cookie Pops

Instead of baking a cookie stick directly in a cookie, I find that it’s best to bake the stick in a cookie dough scrap and attach it to the cookie later. This prevents distortion in the decorated cookie (no indents!) and also provides added strength to the cookie pop (double cookie layer!). After experimenting with a few different ways to make cookie pops, this method is my favorite. 
 Daisy-Cookie-Pops2 SweetAmbs-Popcorn-PopsI used my Orange Vanilla Spice cookie recipe for this project, which is available in my tutorial shopAfter you’ve cut out your cookies, use the scraps for the cookie sticks. I usually cut my scraps to about 1 x 1.5″ rectangles.Cookie-Pops1
Brush the scraps with water to help “glue” the sticks. Cookie-Pops2 Cookie-Pops3
Press the stick (this is a Wilton 8″ cookie stick) into the cookie dough.              Cookie-Pops4 Cookie-Pops5

Turn the cookie sticks over before baking so that the stick is underneath the dough.

Cookie-Pops6 Cookie-Pops7 Cookie-Pops8


Use royal icing to “glue” the stick to the cookie.  A medium or flood consistency icing works best. If your icing is too stiff, it might come right off the cookie once it dries. I’ve found that stiff icing and bare cookies don’t get along very well. Make sure that you glue the stick side so that the stick is in between the two cookies. This will ensure that the stick isn’t going anywhere!SweetAmbs-Daisy-Cookie-Pops

The other great thing about this method is that you can turn any cookie into a cookie pop. You can make a bunch of these cookie sticks ahead of time and keep them in the freezer for when you need them. If you store them raw, like I do with my cutout cookies, you can bake them when you’re ready to decorate.
You can see examples of cookie pops in my daisy and popcorn cookie tutorialsDaisy-Cookie-Pops2 SweetAmbs-Popcorn-Pops

21 thoughts on “How To Make Cookie Pops

  1. I am so glad I googled this subject and came upon your website! I tried baking my cookies on thick bamboo skewers and not only did the skewers slip right out of the baked cookie, they made an unattractive bump in the middle of the cookie. I am re-baking my cookies (without the skewers) as I write this and will try your method. Luckily the order is only for 1 dozen so I didn’t waste too much dough! Thanks for sharing this!

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  4. You are very talented! Thank you so much for sharing. Just so I have this straight in my mind, you are saying use a stiff royal icing or not? Also, do you need to make sure the stick itself is touching both the cookie and the cookie piece it was baked in? Thanks again.

    • Thanks, Jenny! I use either medium or flood consistency royal icing to attach the stick to the cookie, but not stiff icing. The stick does not have to be touching the back of the decorated cookie, just as long as its sandwiched between the two cookie pieces, it’s fine. 🙂

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