Filigree Cookies

Filigree is one of my favorite designs to make. There’s something about it that I find very relaxing.
To make these cookies, you’ll need flood consistency royal icing in two colors of your choice. The beige color is made using brown with a little bit of green to neutralize it and the blue is made using royal blue with a touch of black. Use a tip 3 to flood the cookie and a tip 1 to pipe the design. You can find these products on my recommended products page.

Watch this video for a demonstration of this technique:
You can add a bead border using a tip 2 and stiff consistency royal icing.
Read this post on how to paint with gold luster dust if you’d like to add some shine to the border.

I’ve just added a new video to my tutorial shop with step by step instructions on how to pipe filigree. It comes with a filigree template, too! Download the tutorial here.
Pink-and-Gold-Filigree Blue-filigree

23 thoughts on “Filigree Cookies

  1. Hi, You make these cookies look so beautiful! My son is getting married and I would like to make the filigree design on some cookies for their shower. I went to Etsy to buy/download your template and they said it is not available. Can you please direct me to where I can download this template so that I can start practicing?
    Thank you…..

  2. Hi, everytime i tried to pipe bead borders, it will end up mixed with back n front beads and dried in straight line . do you have any idea why this happen?

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