12 thoughts on “Summer Cookies

  1. One of the very best DECORATED cookies…should go for Oscar’s and Grammy’s. More over you are ready to teach your techniques too..You are an awesome person…Bless You.!!

  2. Hello, wow, your page is amazing, the way you can just draw with icing, those grill cookies! Gosh, I was just searching under the sea themed ideas for my baby’s 1st BD and came across you! There’s no way I could do anything near as perfect as you though, but I’ll try. Your cookies are incredible, good job, congrats from France.

  3. Do you offer notes on how to make the blue and white rectangle nautical cookie with anchor? Is the cookie the orange spice recipe as well? New to your site. You are a very talented baker. Looking forward to seeing more great things from you and learning the basics. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Your cookies are beautiful! Thanks for sharing photos and tutorials, I’m working on some sugar cookies today, and I want to try the flooding technique….. we’ll see how it goes. Also, thanks for the tutorials, I’ll be going to those for sure!

  5. I’m soooo in love with all your cookies!!! definitely love! <3 Congrats for all your art and good taste, it's sweet. Unfortunately where I live isn't this kind of classes or any. I dream with someday can learn and make this beauties. Greetings…

  6. I love, love, love, your cookies. The giveaway page request I tell you my favorite cookie. Well, I can’t, I love them all.

    M. Moran

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