Claire Pettibone Runway Show

Two years in a row I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to make cookies for Claire Pettibone’s runway show at New York International Bridal Week at Pier 94 in New York City. This year I created a cookie display complete with gum paste flowers and over 250 gum paste rose petals for the October 13th show.
CP topper4
Display sketch
To make the cookie tower, my dad cut Styrofoam pieces for me at his shop ( The display is made up of 4″ tall foam blocks with 1/2″ foam core in between. I placed a dowel rod in the center to keep it steady.
The foam blocks were wrapped in fondant and the foam core was wrapped in gold paper.


I used royal icing to attached brush embroidered cookies to the fondant on each tier. The plaque cameo cookies are sitting on easels, which were hot glued to the gold paper.

Here I am setting up the display inside Pier 94.
Ready for the show…

CP SweetAmbs

I made around 84 of each cookie design to give to the guests of the show (that’s a total of 252 cookies!). Read this post for tips on how to handle large orders.
These cookies are decorated with a fondant cameo, a fondant leaf border, and royal icing beads. It is painted with gold luster dust. Click here for a tutorial on painting with luster dust.

CP cameos

This design is decorated with fondant rose petals dusted with Wilton luster dust in Orchid Pink. I used a flat tip to pipe the ribbon and then painted it gold. A tutorial on how to make these fondant rose petals is now available in my shop!Rose Petals
These filigree cookies are trimmed with a gold shell and white pearl border.
I painted the edges of about a third of the 250 gum paste rose petals with gold.

SweetAmbs_Gum_Paste (2)

Each tier was decorated with brush embroidered cookies and a royal icing border.

CP shell border

The gum paste roses sat on top of the display.

SweetAmbs_Gum_Paste (4)

After the runway show, we moved the display into Claire Pettibone’s booth.



See the dresses from Claire Pettibone’s 2013 Spring runway show.
Photos by super9Films

10 thoughts on “Claire Pettibone Runway Show

  1. Me quedo sin palabras al ver lo elegante de tu trabajo gracias por enseñarme a valorar la dedicación de un trabajo echo con mucho amor

  2. My friend wore one off her dresses for her wedding in April. So beautiful. Your cookies will fit right in…they are magnificent!

  3. Amazing! I really admire your originality and creativity. I hope to be able to visit your bakery on my next trip to New York. Best wishes.

  4. I came to this link from your post on 11/13/13 entitled “Claire Pettibone Inspired Brush Embroidered Cookies”. To say I am completely and utterly gobsmacked by your stunning, jaw-dropping work is an understatement. I am a mere amateur, but your cookies at least give me inspiration to branch out a bit more, particularly with other techniques (i.e. brush embroidery). All gushing aside… What I am most curious about regarding this post is, do you have any idea how many hours this particular project took you?

    • Thank you, Lynn!! I’m so glad that my work inspires you to try out some new techniques! I’m not sure how many hours exactly, but I started working on the display about a month in advance. It was a lot of work!

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