Cookie Portrait of Why Don’t We – Time Lapse Video

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I started listening to 8 Letters by Why Don’t We and now I can’t stop! Follow the link to download or stream the track:

Here’s a time lapse video of how I made this cookie portrait of Why Don’t We’s album cover.

The process of creating portraits on a cookie is rather time consuming, as I’m sure you can imagine! This one took me about 8 hours (not including making the dough, baking the cookie, mixing the icing, and editing the video). I used Crystal Colors powdered food coloring mixed with alcohol (Read more about painting on royal icing in this post) in Charcoal for the shadows and Snowflake for the highlights. You can find these at The tiniest details were done with the help of a fine tip Rainbow Dust edible ink marker.

It’s not easy creating this type of cookie, but so satisfying when it’s finished!

Now go listen to 8 Letters by Why Don’t We 🙂



Galaxy Skull Cookies!

[mv_video key=”c8rh7ioubkp69ykgp10t” title=”Galaxy Skull Cookies!” id=”36274″ thumbnail=”” aspectRatio=”16:9″ volume=”70″ sticky=”true”]

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It feels like we’re on the tail-end of the galaxy trend, but don’t think I’ll ever get sick of these designs! I’ve been sitting on this project for months and I finally had time to edit the video. But it worked out because these galaxy skull cookies seem fitting this time of year with Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos right around the corner.



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The Cookie Shop Is Open!

It’s been a long time since I started selling cookies on Etsy, but I’m finally taking cookie orders again for the first time in 4 years! I can hardly believe it myself. Back in 2014, I decided to stop taking orders so that I could focus all of my energy on teaching cookie decorating classes and creating video tutorials. I gave up my commercial kitchen and worked out of art studios, but all of that changed when we built the new cookie studio over the summer.

Once the studio was just about done, I applied for my Food Establishment License and waited patiently (not really) for over 2 months for my inspection. Just last week I passed my inspection and opened my little online shop!

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