Baby Bassinet Cookie Tutorial

My grandmother requested a special cookie for a couple who’ve been long time friends of hers and recently became new grandparents to twins.I created this baby bassinet cookie for them using the flooding technique, brush embroidery, ruffles and beading.
The blue, pink and green colors in these bassinets are from the Wilton Garden Tone 4-Piece Colors Set. You can also achieve these colors by adding black or brown to your pinks, blues and greens. To make the skin color shown here, I used a touch of brown mixed with a touch of pink and a mixture of brown and black for the eyes.

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

Read this post for recommendations on decorating tools with links to purchase them online.
The baby bassinet cookie is iced in sections. Use a scribe tool to draw a guide to help determine where each section will be.

Ice the top section of the cookie with flood consistency royal icing and a tip 3. Use the scribe tool to evenly distribute the icing. I’m using juniper green for this cookie. Allow this section to dry for about 20 minutes.

Using flood consistency royal icing and a tip 3 in a different color (white shown here), fill in the next section of the cookie. Again, use your scribe tool to help evenly distribute the icing. This is the part where the babies’ heads will be resting. Allow this section to dry for 20 minutes.

Fill in the bottom section of the cookie using the same color that you used for the first section.

By now the small white section should be dry enough so that you can pipe the babies’ faces on top of it. Using a tip 2 and flood consistency royal icing, pipe 2 semi circles, about 3/4″ long and 1/2″ high. Use your scribe tool to help shape the faces. Let them dry for 20 minutes.

Once your baby faces are dry, use a tip 3 and flood consistency icing to make the bows. I used Wilton aster mauve. To make the bow loops, pipe two dots and use your scribe tool to shape the dots into triangles.


Fill in the last section of the cookie with a color that you have not used yet. This will be the blanket. I used Wilton delphinium blue. At this point, your bow loops will have had a few minutes to dry, so you can go back and pipe a dot in the center of the bow. Allow the cookie to dry 8-12 hours.

Once the icing is completely dry, make the feet by using a tip 2 and flood consistency icing to pipe little blobs. Use your scribe tool to shape the blobs into feet.

Add the toes with a tip 1 and flood consistency icing. You’ll just barely have to touch the decorating tip to the surface to make the toes. You only need a little tiny dot of icing for each one. You can use your scribe tool to help shape the toes.

I used the brush embroidery technique to make the canopy. Start out by drawing a guide for each drape using the scribe tool.

Use white stiff consistency icing and a tip 3 to pipe a line following the guide in a zig zag motion.

Drag the icing toward the top of the cookie using a damp square tip brush. You can learn more about this technique in my online class on

Make another layer of drapes using the same process.

Finish the canopy by piping three dots in the center where the drapes meet.

To make the eyes, first make a guide by using the scribe tool to draw two tiny curved lines into the icing where the eyes will be. Then, dip your scribe in the black/brown icing (flood consistency) and gently dab it onto the guides.


The bottom of the bassinet is covered by two layers of ruffles. Use a 104 petal tip with the narrow end facing out. 

Layer the next ruffle over the first one.

Using the same tip 3 and stiff consistency icing that you used for the brush embroidery, pipe a bead border on the top edge of the last ruffle. 

Allow the icing to dry for at least another 6 hours before handling the cookie.


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