How To Make Zebra Print Cookies

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make zebra print cookies with royal icing.
Zebra-cookiesThis is what you’ll need for this project:
Watch the video below for instructions on how to create this design:

Click on the images below for more Valentine’s Day cookie projects:

coversation-heart5 Sweet Ambs Valentine's Day Cookies minions

12 thoughts on “How To Make Zebra Print Cookies

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  3. Hi! I have been browsing through your awesome website and had a question about one of your techniques. I noticed that you don’t do the usual outline with stiff, then when dry, fill in with flood icing. Is there a particular reason you go straight to flood consistency? Thanks!

    • Hi Audrey! I like to use only flood consistency for outlining and filling in because I find it easier to make a really nice and smooth edge that way. It also saves time since I don’t have to make the same color in two different consistencies.

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  5. Hi Amber, I love all your work and bought your videos. I tried to do this zebra print cookies but I struggled to get the colour black icing as yours. Mine was not shiny nor black. How can I do it like you? Thanks

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