Candy Crush Cookies!

I resisted the Candy Crush craze up until about a month ago. It’s a good thing this game comes with restrictions on how long you can play in one sitting, or else these Candy Crush cookies might never have been made!

Candy crush cookiesHere’s what you’ll need for this project:



  • Yellow: Wilton Lemon Yellow + Golden Yellow
  • Purple: Wilton Violet + Pink
  • Blue: Wilton Sky Blue
  • Green: Wilton Kelly Green
  • Red: Americolor Tulip Red
  • Orange: Americolor Tulip Red + Wilton Lemon Yellow
  • Brown: Americolor Chocolate Brown
  • Pink: Wilton Pink

Watch the video below to learn how to make these Candy Crush cookies!

Click here for a full tutorial on the Tissue Paper Method of transferring images onto a cookie. It’s a great alternative for those who do not own a Kopykake projector.Candy crush cookies

Click on the images below for more cookie decorating tutorials!            Pizza-wmBeach-Cookie8BrightsBanner-728x90-resized


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32 thoughts on “Candy Crush Cookies!

  1. Thanks for the tutorials, Amber. I have to say I’m happy to find that you use Wilton colors; I was beginning to feel as if was the only one!

    How in the world do you keep the tips on without couplers?!

  2. Amber these are fantastic. They all look so cool. I as well resisted the Candy Crush craze until a few months ago. Then I found out the way to get more ‘lives’. The game is addicting and I surely have to have some self control and say “okay no more for the day” LOL. These cookies are going to be a big hit with Candy Crush fans 😉

  3. Hi Amber – your cookies are always so amazing…you are truly inspiring! I have a couple of random questions for you. First, when you go back to add to the blue/purple/orange cookies after leaving the base to dry, how do you store your icing? Do you transfer it out of bags, then mix it up and put it back in the bags? Or do you have a better trick? I can barely leave flood consistency icing for more than an hour or two without it starting to separate.

    And my other question is what brand of food color marker do you use? Is that a Wilton pen? I have AmeriColor, but it wicks really bad on the tissue paper.

    Thanks so much!

    • Thank you, Ashley! I empty the bags out and store the icing in air tight containers in the fridge until I’m ready to use it again. It does separate when it’s sitting for a while, so I just stir it by hand before I put it back in the bags.
      I use FooDoodler brand markers. They work great!

      • Thanks so much Amber! I just bought some of the FooDoodler pens and can’t wait to try them. I’m so glad I asked because I’d never even heard of that brand before, despite many searches!

        Also, referring to a question below, I’m just curious why you DON’T use couplers?


        • That’s great! I think you’ll be happy with them.
          I feel like couplers sort of get in my way when I’m piping. I’m just used to piping without them now!

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