Winged Unicorn Cookies!

A couple of months ago I visited my favorite store in the city, NY Cake, to pick up some decorating supplies. Normally when I decorate cookies I just use round or square shapes to save time and keep things simple. I don’t use shaped cutters very often, but when I spotted this unicorn-shaped cookie cutter, I could not resist! I had to make unicorn cookies.
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Unicorns4This is me in front of the wall of cookie cutters at NY Cake trying to narrow down my choices.
Here’s what you’ll need for this project:


To give the unicorn wings, cut the unicorn shape out of a chilled sheet of cookie dough (my cookie recipe is available here in the tutorial shop) and move it to parchment-lined sheet tray. Then, use a paring knife to cut a wing from the dough and press the two raw cookies together before baking. You can see this process in a video on my YouTube channel.
Once the cookies are baked and cooled, outline the body of the unicorn with white flood consistency icing and a tip 3. Immediately fill in the wing with blue flood consistency icing and a tip 2, then add a dot for the eye. While the blue icing is still wet, add 5 tiny dots of white for the reflections in the eye. Watch the video to see this in action.
Cover the horn with lines of white stiff consistency icing and a tip 3. Use a square tip brush to smooth out the edges.

Unicorn-Cookies3 Unicorn-Cookies4

 Fill in the pupil of the eye (avoiding the white dots) with a fine tip edible ink marker.


 Outline the eye in an almond shape.


Outline the pupil with a sky blue edible ink marker and add eyelashes and the details of the face in black.


Use the brush embroidery technique to decorate the wings. Pipe an outline of stiff consistency icing and a tip 3.


Brush the icing with a damp square tip brush. 

Unicorn-Cookies11 Unicorn-Cookies12

 Continue this process until the entire wing is covered.


 Pipe the mane and tail with pink stiff consistency icing and a tip 2.


Mix gold pearl dust with a few drops of alcohol or flavored extract to form a paint. Apply the paint to the hooves and the horn with a round brush. You can learn more about the process of painting with gold in this post.




You can see this entire cookie done from start to finish in this video on my YouTube channel.
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