Wet-on-wet royal icing technique – Easter Egg Cookies

wet on wet rosesThe wet-on-wet royal icing technique is a simple one, but you have to move quickly in order to achieve the desired effect. This technique is called wet-on-wet because the designs (roses in this case) are applied while the base layer of icing is still wet, which allows the design to dry flat and smooth. If you don’t pipe your designs in time, the base layer of icing will start to dry and you’ll end up with wrinkles and bumps. You’ll usually about 5 minutes from the time the base layer is piped until it starts to crust.                   
For this project, you will need:
  • Beige = A touch of brown
  • Pink = Wilton aster mauve from the Garden Tone Set
  • Green = Wilton juniper green from the garden tone set
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In the video below, I’ll show you how I use the wet on wet technique to make the roses. I start out by icing the cookie using flood consistency royal icing and a tip 3. 
This is where you have to move quickly while using the wet on wet technique. You’ll see that I immediately pipe pink circles using the flood consistency icing and a tip 1. Next, I pipe little squiggles of a darker pink, also in flood consistency with a tip 1. Then, I use my scribe tool to swirl the icing around and I add leaves by piping light green and dark green dots on top. I use my scribe tool again to drag the green dots to form a leaf shape. After this, I give the cookie a few gentle taps on the table to smooth everything out.
Allow the cookie to dry 8-12 hours before moving on to the next step.
Once the icing is completely dry, use a dry brush to apply bronze pearl dust to the edges of the cookie.
Using a tip 2 and stiff consistency royal icing, pipe a bead border. Visit my Tutorial Shop for a video tutorial with full instructions on how to pipe a bead border.
Allow the bead border to dry for at least 30 minutes.
Once the bead border is dry, combine white pearl dust with a tiny bit of bronze pearl dust to make this champagne color shown here. Add a few drops of alcohol such as vanilla or lemon extract to form a paint. Read my blog post on painting with luster dust for more information on this process.
Paint the beads using a small brush.
Let the “paint” dry for about 20 to 30 minutes before handing the cookie.
Click here to see the full set of Easter cookies.Easter
Photos by super9Films

26 thoughts on “Wet-on-wet royal icing technique – Easter Egg Cookies

  1. Hi there came across your video and think I now know my problem. In the past I have flooded the cookie then left to dry, then I have done another colour but have had bleeding. Is this because the base was dry?

  2. Can you make swirl roses on a dark background? Most all of the cookies I have ever seen with this type of wet-on-wet swirl rose is done on a white or other light color background. Would it work on a black background for example? Thanks!!

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