Wedding Dress Cookies

With my wedding just under 6 months away, I have so many cookie ideas swirling around in my head! These wedding dress cookies were made with the Gown Cookie Cutter from Karen’s Cookies. Click here to see how I made those wafer paper roses that you see in the corner of this photo.Wedding-dress-cookies

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:


Watch the video to learn how to decorate these wedding dress cookies:

Click on the images below for more wedding cookies!                          Wafer-Paper-Rose3 cookieflower13D-Hearts5


17 thoughts on “Wedding Dress Cookies

  1. Oh Amber those are beautiful… they look anything like your wedding dress? 🙂 wishing you nothing but happiness on your upcoming wedding !

  2. You are fantastic. Your site is the very first one I go to every day. After watching this video, I now have a better perspective on how to do folds and the v shape (on the bodice). I always think mine look crazy lol. I don’t have a dress cookie but I have other cookies – ideas swirling. (I did dog cookies that have your sequins on them. I did them for MontrealConfections/Marlyn. I wanted to show her first. Since I can’t find her address is it ok to send a pic or two to you?

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