Watermelon Cookies!

It’s watermelon season! I know that watermelon cookies have been done many times before (see some of my faves at the bottom of this post!), but I couldn’t resist trying my own version of this summertime design. If you’re still not sure what to bring to the 4th of July picnic this weekend, give these a try! 
watermelon-cookiesHere’s what you’ll need for this project:
  • Green = Americolor leaf green + Wilton lemon yellow
  • Pink = Wilton pink + Americolor tulip red
  • Black = Americolor super black
Notice that I don’t have couplers on these bags? Unless I’m working on a project that involves switching tips, I skip the coupler. You can see the whole process in my Flooding With Royal Icing video tutorial, which is available in my shop.watermelon-cookies2
Watch the video below to learn how to decorate these watermelon cookies! 
I also made a quick photo how-to. Pin it for future reference!watermelon-cookies-how-to-5
Here are some of my favorite watermelon cookies from around the interwebs:
Sweet Sugarbelle watermelon slice cookies
Kawaiisweetworld watermelon cookies
Cookie Crazie watermelon cookies
Cookies and Cups watermelon cookie truffles
Click on the images below for more summer cookies!            SweetAmbs-Pool-Cookies-Web2 Beach-Cookie7 Grill

7 thoughts on “Watermelon Cookies!

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  2. Love your take on the watermelon cookie !!!!
    Something different – I hope to try it one day. Thank you so much for sharing your tutorials !!!

  3. I really enjoy all of your videos and hope to see more, you’re truly an inspiration !!! -hope you have a great summer!!!

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