Wedding Cake Cookies With Wafer Paper Roses

I’ve spent the last few weekends rolling and painting dozens of coffee filters to turn them into roses for my wedding centerpieces (one of many wedding projects inspired by searching Pinterest). You can see photos of this ambitious project on my Instagram feed (I didn’t do it all alone, of course. Thanks to my friend Tara for contributing a few box-fulls!) I applied this same technique to make these edible wafer paper roses. Wafer-Paper-Rose3

I’d never worked with wafer paper before and I discovered that it is not nearly as flexible as coffee filters are. In fact, it is quite brittle! I had to dampen the paper a little bit before rolling to keep the paper from cracking. You’ll see all of that in the video below.

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:


Watch the video below for the tutorial on how to make these wedding cake cookies with edible wafer paper roses:

When you dampen the paper with the water, be careful not to go overboard. If you apply too much water, the paper will start to dissolve and become very sticky (as I learned the hard way)!


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28 thoughts on “Wedding Cake Cookies With Wafer Paper Roses

  1. Your cookies are absolutely beautiful – little pieces of artwork! Are you an artist who is now concentrating on cookied as your medium? Everytime I see a cookie I’d like to try there’s another video with MORE lovelycookied! I have a niece’s 1st birthday coming up and I’d love to make some pretty cookies. Do you have a book for purchase?

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