Valentine’s Day Mailbox Cookies on Facebook Live!

In case you missed my live tutorial on how to construct this Valentine’s Day cookie mailbox filled with love notes that I created in partnership with Domino Sugar and C&H Sugar, you can watch the full video here on my Facebook page! Scroll down for the box templates.

Right click on the templates to save them to your computer and print them out. You’ll need 2 Front Pieces, 2 Sides, and 1 Bottom.

Royal Icing Recipe:

Classic Sugar Cookie Recipe:

This post is sponsored by Domino Sugar.

4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Mailbox Cookies on Facebook Live!

  1. I love these valentine cookies! I also adore the platter and back drop in the picture. I debated asking you something….as a faithful follower for the past 2 years, owner of the beloved cookie art book (read cover to cover)…I have been inspired by you, I would be honored if you watched any of my handful of videos on youtube….neocookiemom. I make 3 dimensional transfers on the back of a paint palette.

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