Spring Seedling Cookies

We just started working on our vegetable garden over the weekend, so this week seems like the perfect time to post my seedling cookies. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at these cookies ever since Sachiko of mimicafe posted her adorable fondant sprout cupcake toppers. It only took me two years to get to it! You can see Sachiko’s sprout cupcake topper tutorial on her YouTube channel.
Seedling-cookies13Here’s what you’ll need to make these spring seedling cookies:
  • Brown = Americolor chocolate brown
  • Terra cotta = Americolor tulip red + chocolate brown + Wilton lemon yellow
  • Green = Wilton juniper green from the garden tone set
Seedling-cookies1 Seedling-cookies2
To give the “soil” some texture, pipe a swirl of brown flood consistency icing with a tip 3 and then dab the icing with a stiff brush. I’m using the square tip brush from the Wilton 3 pack. This is the same technique that I used to make the fur on my teddy bear cookie and the sand on my beach cookie.                           Seedling-cookies3 Seedling-cookies4
Since there’s just a small amount of brown icing on the cookie, It should only take a few minutes for it to dry. Once it’s dry to the touch, pipe an outline of stiff consistency terra cotta icing with a tip 5. Seedling-cookies5
Use a flat brush dipped in a little bit of cornstarch to flatten the icing so that it looks like the rim of a terra cotta pot. Seedling-cookies6
To smooth it out, brush some cornstarch of a piece of parchment paper and lay it on top of the icing. Very lightly rub the parchment with your finger. Don’t press to hard or else the parchment will stick.Seedling-cookies7
Brush off the excess cornstarch with a soft dry brush.Seedling-cookies8
Pipe leaves with stiff green icing and a leaf tip 352. This process is shown in the roses and leaves video tutorial, which is available in my tutorial shop.Seedling-cookies9 Seedling-cookies10
Allow the icing to dry about 6 to 8 hours before handling the cookies.Seedling-cookies11
Here are some photos from my gardening adventures. That’s me helping to dig up the garden (my boyfriend finished the job after I dug up that little patch).
I was happy to see that we have hyacinths in our yard. We moved into our current house last June, so I didn’t even know these were here until now.             garden1 hyacinth
We’ll be ready to plant these seedlings once the weather warms up a little bit more. I’m very new to gardening, so this is all kind of experimental. Last year’s garden was thriving up until about mid August when everything started to die off. I’m hoping this year goes better. Wish us luck! 
Broccoli, spinach, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, peas, tomatoes, basil, dillgarden2 garden4 
Visit my cousin Cullen Boudreaux’s blog AndTopherToo (named after her sweet cat, Topher) to see what she’s growing at her home in Atlanta, GA. AndTopherToo
 Click on the images below for more spring cookies!                     Hyacinth Cookies Daisy-Cookie-Pops2 Lilac Cookie Pops

10 thoughts on “Spring Seedling Cookies

  1. These are so cute! I loved the little cupcake toppers that inspired you as well. It was fun to see them, because I just posted photos of or seedlings on Facebook yesterday. Ours are sunflowers and morning glories. I don’t grow veggies from seed too much. I cheat and buy the tomato plants, but I have done it. When I lived in Portland. OR gardening was so much easier. Here in Texas, it’s a challenge! Good luck on your gardening adventure.

    • Thank you, Julie! 😀 Last year we bought our tomato plants, but this year we’re starting everything from seed! It will definitely be an adventure. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot!

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