Rilakkuma Cookies {Video Tutorial}

I was recently introduced to the world of Rilakkuma, whose name means “bear in relaxed mood”. I could learn a thing or two from this guy.
My video tutorial on Rilakkuma cookies is part of a collaboration with a few of my favorite YouTube channels: Mosogourmet, Kawaiisweetworld, and EveryHappyThing. It’s an honor to be a part of this project as I am a big fan of their work. 
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I used both Wilton and Americolor gel pastes for the Rilakkuma color palette. The list of colors is below. Rilakkuma-Colors
Blue: Wilton sky blue
Tan: Wilton brown + a touch of juniper green (I always add green to brown because I find that it is a little too pink on its own. Adding green helps to neutralize it.)
Yellow: Wilton golden yellow
Black: Americolor black
Pink: Wilton pink
Watch this video for the tutorial on how to decorate Rilakkuma cookies:
These cookies were made using my Orange Vanilla Spice recipe, which is available in my tutorial shop. I used flood consistency royal icing for the base, the dots and to fill in Rilakkuma’s face. The black outline was drawn with edible ink marker and piped with medium consistency icing and the hearts were piped using stiff consistency icing. Read this post to learn about these three royal icing consistencies, which are the ones that I use most often when decorating cookies.
Isn’t he adorable?! Don’t forget to check out these other Rilakkuma sweets!Rilakkuma-5
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